Flash! Apple submits patent for switchable reflective/backlit screen

Flash! Apple submits patent for switchable reflective/backlit screen

Back in this earlier post on December 11, 2009, I said:

“Once dual function screens come out (both backlit and not backlit…hmm, I’m going to coin “Dualume” right now, for “Dual Luminescence” for that), then devices that can’t be backlit will be in trouble.  I think that’s a ways away, though.”

Well, that day, while not quite here, is closer.

According to this

Apple Insider article

Apple filed a patent for a way to have a device switch between a reflective screen (like the E Ink used by the Kindle and the “NOOK Classic”) and a backlit screen (like those used by the iPad and your SmartPhone.

Honestly, depending on the implementation and cost, that could be a killer app.

I would guess you still wouldn’t get the battery life you get with a Kindle, but what if you could get a week if you were mostly reading?

You could read well in bright sunlight, and have it backlit for reading in bed with the light out.

It sounds a little complicated…they want the device to figure out when to switch, at least partially.  It wouldn’t necessarily be that the whole screen would switch, either.  Still, if it could also be done manually, that could really be something.

I still don’t think this is happening very soon, but it was made public recently.

A patent isn’t a product, but this could be the future…not just Apple’s eventual product, but generally devices that can switch between.

Would I buy a product like that from Apple (presuming Amazon didn’t have something equivalent)?  I’ve still got a sour (apple) taste in my mouth from the Agency Model…I do believe in reevaluating my feelings, though.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “Flash! Apple submits patent for switchable reflective/backlit screen”

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    […] I wrote in April about Apple having a patent for a switchable dualume screen, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t only one way to do it.  The Entourage eDGe was an EBR with two screens, one backlit and one not. That seems to have gone off the market, though. […]

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    […] When I wrote about Apple’s filing, more than a year ago, for a screen that could switch in situ between the two lighting methods, that made a lot more sense to me. […]

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