Lower prices on my Kindle store titles

Lower prices on my Kindle store titles

You know, it’s a bit weird.  It’s clearly not inappropriate here to mention this, and it’s likely to benefit quite a few of you.

Still, I’m a little queasy about talking about having lowered the prices on my Kindle store titles here.

I’m not quite sure why…I do mention them from time to time, and I think there are good things in a lot of them.

I just don’t really do advertising here, and it sort of feels like that.

The other thing is that some of them are outdated (while not necessarily obsolete…if one was completely irrelevant, I’d be more inclined to remove it from the store).

Anyway, what I’ve done is lower all of the titles to ninety-nine cents.


I do think there has been a shift to a ninety-nine cent price point…oddly.

A couple of the titles had been $1.00…but if someone is sorting prices from low to high, that’s going to put it considerably down the list.

I reduced one from $3.95, I think.

Here’s how I feel about it.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think older books should inherently have lower prices than newer books.  A Tale of Two Cities still provides pretty much the same value it did when written.  Of course, that’s not a great example, because it is in the public domain and you can get it for free.  🙂

For books that are under copyright protection still, I don’t think they are inherently worth less because they are older.

However, with non-fiction, that can be different.

That’s part of it…none of my titles have been written since the Kindle 3 was released, so some of it doesn’t relate as well.

I’ve been working off and on for a while on a Kindle 3 title…I’d release that one at more than ninety-nine cents, I think, but I’d have to consider it.

The other thing is that there are popular (even USA Today bestselling) novels that are ninety-nine cents.  That does change the valuation.

I also think some of my titles are fun gifts…and at ninety-nine cents, are more likely to be gifted.

Here they are, with a bit of a summary:

The Collected I Love My Kindle Blog Volume 1

This one is the first 101 posts from this blog.  Why do this at all?  After all, you could read the posts for free on-line.  Well, it’s the convenience.  It gives you a searchable version right on your Kindle.  I think it may have been over-priced before.  My thought was that it was the equivalent of about a 400 page book, but it may do better at ninety-nine cents.

ILMK! (I Love My Kindle!): Being an Appreciation of Amazon’s E-Book Reader, with Tips, Explanations, and Humor (Revised Edition)

Although similarly titled, this isn’t the blog (although there may be some overlap).  I think this one would be a good gift…it’s got more of the humor pieces and it’s lighter than a how-to.  The idea of combining the two (tips and humor) appeals to me, as you know from the blog.

Bufo’s Frequently Asked Kindle Questions

I always know there is a risk of unintended consequences.  In this case, it was the need to re-title this one.  When I changed the price, that apparently triggered some kind of review from Amazon.  This time, although the book had been in the store for a while, they expressed concern about the title “Frequently Asked Kindle Questions”.   I can see that…they were presumably worried that people would think it was an official Amazon publication.  I added the “Bufo’s” part of the title.  They haven’t officially told me that’s enough, yet, but they have accepted the price change, so I think it’s okay.  While I think everything that’s in there probably still works, some of the answers may be obsolete (I have to go back to read it to check).  For example, I may explain why you can’t lend books…although you can now.  🙂

Free Books for Your Kindle (revised edition)

This is the first book I did, and I think it still has valuable information.  I do get a relatively high return rate on it, but I don’t think that’s because people don’t like it.  I think some people get the information they want out of it, and then return it.  It could stand to be updated, with information about book lending sites like http://www.booklending.com .  Still, I think it’s worth ninety-nine cents for most people.  🙂  I still haven’t removed the original version from the Kindle store…although I think maybe I should.  I do indicate on the book’s Amazon product page that there is an updated version, but I’d rather people get the newer one…especially now that they are both the same price.  I like having “Free Books for Your Kindle” as a title, though.  I could remove the original and rename the revised edition…I’m just not sure.  I also like having the “collector’s edition” in the store, although that might be silly.  I’d be happy to hear what you think about that.  Removing the original would not prevent people from re-downloading it from their archives, by the way.

The Disabled Deserve to Read: The Controversy Over the Amazon Kindle’s Voice (revised)

If I could make this free in the Kindle store, I would.  I allow it to be reproduced freely for non-commercial purposes, and I have it in the Kindle store with no DRM (Digital Rights Management), so it can be converted to be read on other devices.  You can also read a version of it here: ILMK version.  I have to go back and calculate to see if it’s earned enough for me to donate a Kindle from the royalties.  It’s never sold that much (understandably), but Kindle prices have really come down. 

Well, there they are. 🙂 They are each ninety-nine cents, and you can get free samples first.  They all have text-to-speech and lending enabled, of course. 

I always try to make it broader than just me (or just a single issue).  Here’s a question to make you think: why might an author feel uncomfortable talking about prices for their own books?  Clearly, many don’t.  🙂  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being paid for writing.  Is it in good taste to talk about the business part?   Should that matter?  Traditional publishers advertise their titles…should it be different if you are actually the author?  Feel free to let me know.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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