Bridgestone’s AeroBee flexible reflective screen EBR

Bridgestone’s AeroBee flexible reflective screen EBR

“Are you gonna torque to me like that?” 😉

Okay, I’m not one of those that thinks a Kindle is particularly fragile. 

That may be because I always treated paperbooks like they were that fragile.

The one big difference is that I would stack paperbooks sometimes, and I don’t put anything (except a cover) on my Kindle.  I know the screen is susceptible to pressure (don’t jam your Kindle into a laptop case or briefcase).

However, if you twist a Kindle, you can easily break it.  If you put it in your backpocket and sat down, I’d expect it to break.  If you rotated the bottom clockwise and the top anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise), I’d expect it to break.

There has been talk for a while about flexible EBRs (E-Book Readers)…well, maybe more about flexible E-Magazine Readers. 

Well, they are getting close. 

Bridgestone (yes, the tire company) has been demonstrating its AeroBee QR-LPD (Quick Response Liquid Paper Device). 

Official Site

It’s a reflective screen, like the Kindle (meaning it isn’t backlit…you read by light reflecting off it, just like with paper).  It’s not E Ink, though…that’s a brand name from VizPlex, and it doesn’t work the same.

 It actually seems kind of cool.  It has some color, and it’s pretty responsive…you can scribble on it with a tool, and it seems about as fast as an Etch-a-Sketch.

Don’t start looking for this too quickly on the bus, though…unless it’s a poster.

My intuition here is that this is going to at least initially have mostly commercial applications.  It’s going to be for signage, that sort of thing.  They do talk about it being used as a reader, but there are a lot of kind of buzzwords that make me think that’s not the main market.  I’m also guessing it may be relatively expensive (compared to a Kindle, and certainly to a backlit display). 

Will we eventually have reflective screen magazines and newspapers, where we can roll them up and stick them in a pocket…and get something different on them every day?  Sure, I would guess that will happen.

I’m not sure that flexibility like that is the best choice for reading books, though, unless it becomes rigid when flattened.  I like that my Kindle display isn’t “wobbly”…I do think that makes it easier to read.

Akihabara News article (includes videos)

Oh, and yes…an Aerobie (note the different spelling) is sort of like a Frisbee that’s a ring instead of a disc. 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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