28 new Kindle User Guide placeholders: new Kindle?

28 new Kindle User Guide placeholders: new Kindle?

I was taking a look at


to see if we were at a million titles in the Kindle store yet (not yet), and checked their list of free books.

Added today were 28 Kindle User Guide placeholders.

I couldn’t download one, but that’s interesting.

It might suggest that they are about to do a new Kindle User’s Guide. That could be for a new Kindle…which might be what Amazon calls it new tablet. However, I see several possibilities:

  • The new KUG placeholders are for a tablet (or two)
  • The new KUG placeholders are for a new country specific Kindle (say, Japan or Italy)
  • The new KUG placeholders are for a new Kindle (EBR…E-Book Reader)
  • The new KUG placeholders are for a new software update: maybe page numbers for the K2 and/or KDX?
  • The new KUG placeholders are for a new formatting of the User’s Guide that doesn’t really change much
  • The new KUG placeholders are just a test and don’t mean anything 🙂
Here is one of those placeholders, so you can look if you want:

kindle_user_guide – PLACE HOLDER59 (Update: this link now appears to be dead)

By the way, there are 27 entries in the current Kindle 3 User’s Guide table of contents…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

12 Responses to “28 new Kindle User Guide placeholders: new Kindle?”

  1. Rick Says:

    See my user review of the placeholder. 🙂

  2. dar sandra Says:

    My guess would be that it is an update for the Public Library ebook lending that is coming.

  3. Deborah Halnon Says:

    I saw those a week or so ago, just before I got a message to upgrade to 3.1. I just got a new Kindle for my daughter. She’s about to go overseas.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Deborah!

      Thanks for letting me know!

      That’s a great gift for your daughter! I’m not sure if that’s a deployment or not, but you can also send her personal documents (including pictures)…that can be nice. If you need more help with how to do that, let me know.

  4. Edward Boyhan Says:

    So, if there are 28 placeholders, I asked myself how many new models might they be for. I went to the kindle help page to see what documentation Amazon provides per model. For each model in English, there is a PDF UG, AZW UG, and a Quick Start guide. They also provide the UG in four additional languages (French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese) for a total of seven documents per model.

    Based on this (admittedly flimsy) analysis, one might conclude they are prepping four new models. If they segregate these by 3G and WIFI, then we might be talking about only two “real” models.

  5. Ray Mullen Says:

    Could it be for Public Library use or EPUB format?

  6. Tom Semple Says:

    This is for the much anticipated enablement of the Kindle microphone, and of a new voice navigation feature. Or not. 🙂

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