How do you feel about owning your KSO?

How do you feel about owning your KSO?

I recently wrote an article talking about one of the current offers for the Kindle with Special Offers (KSO).

Popular Kindle books for $1…if you have a KSO

I got a couple of comments from people saying it made them reconsider their anti-KSO stances, basically.

I really haven’t done a post focusing on people who already have KSOs (there are probably lots of them now), and getting what the experience is like. Emily, one of my readers, suggested doing some polls (thanks, Emily!), so here we are. 🙂

I did a poll before asking people who didn’t have ads on their Kindles under what circumstances they would accept them…you can see that poll in this

earlier post

This time, I’d like to address the questions to those of you have at least one KSO. That’s going to give people who don’t have one a better sense of it, and may help them decide if they want to get one.

The KSOs are more popular than Kindles without ads. In fact, and intriguingly, the $139 Kindle with Special Offers and wi-fi and 3G is ranked number one in electronics: ahead of the $114 Kindle with Special Offers with only wi-fi. Yep, people are paying $25 more for the 3G…so it isn’t just that the lowest priced one wins.

Roger Knights, a regular reader and commenter, has suggested that the special offers may become the raison d’etre for the Kindle…that the special offers are going to be the reason people buy Kindles (or what he calls “Kindeals”).

Hard to predict that without knowing what people who currently own KSOs think about them…so here are some questions for you KSO owners:

To let you know, we do have a KSO (in addition to non-KSOs in the family).

Do you have other questions? Comments? Feel free to comment this post. One tip: you can sometimes comment the polls, but I won’t see those as quickly and I don’t think as many other people will see it. I know that may happen when you get to the poll through my Amazon Author Central page…it’s up to you, but I just wanted to alert you to the situation…the conversation tends to be here. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


13 Responses to “How do you feel about owning your KSO?”

  1. D. Knight Says:

    I used the KSO as an excuse to upgrade my wi-fi only model to 3G. I originally thought I wouldn’t like the ads, but I actually do like them. At least, if there is one I don’t like, it goes away pretty soon (unlike Emily). And some of them are pretty good deals.

    Have you noticed this?: Sometimes when I wake up, it has a different screensaver than it did when I put it to sleep the night before. I’m not just imagining that, am I?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, D.!

      I think I should have listed that as a reason: “I got the KSO to get rid of that picture of Emily.” 😉

      The KSO is actually my Significant Other’s, so I haven’t observed that ad change…that is possible, though. Do you leave the wireless on when you sleep?

      • D. Knight Says:

        I never leave my wireless on except to download something specific. (Since I subscribe to a few blogs, it is on for about 5 minutes 2-3 times a day).

        It also does not happen every day, only (it seems) when it’s time for the ads to change. At first it weirded me out because the wireless wasn’t on, but then I realized that they probably store the upcoming ads on the Kindle and then display them when it’s time. Also, I normally go to bed well before midnight (I have to get up early), so that probably makes a difference.

  2. Bob Says:


    Thanks to your advice I took the plunge for the 3G w/SO in June for $164. First Kindle and love it.

    As for the ads, I don’t really notice them. Quite frankly, one almost looks forward to opening your cover and see what ad is the latest. Like tonight I noticed the Visa $10 credit is back while another offer is $10 off a $20 Kindle accessory.

    My overall savings with “official” special offers has been $63.99. Of course that entailed buying some tools and a video game that I may not have normally purchased at the time (but they made for a nice gift). I say “official” because I also received a $25 credit for the AT&T price drop, a $30 Kindle cover credit when I missed the official Special Offer and a $10 customer satisfaction credit when I had simply asked about any upcoming Father’s Day sales. And these were just when I had asked a question, not complaining for any credit. Amazon’s customer service is insanely consumer oriented.

    So overall savings would be $128.99 as of now. And I’ve probably passed over $150 or so in other ones.

    I would think the Special Offers would continue to outsell regular Kindles just because it does offer value without intrusiveness. In fact, the Swim Store ad came off artistic and looked great as a screensaver. So even that argument doesn’t really hold much water.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Bob!

      The Swim Store ad doesn’t hold water? I hope the pool does. 😉

      Sounds like your KSO will have been free for you pretty soon…

  3. Karen Smith Says:

    I am glad to see this post since I am considering ordering the 3G KSO soon. One question: when a special offer is posted on your KIndle, for how long is the offer good? Do you have to buy right a way? I look forward to seeing the poll results.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Karen!

      The special offers seem to vary in length. They’ll tell you in each case, though. I haven’t ever felt pressured to make a decision by an expiration date, though.

      Yes, I’m looking forward to checking the poll results in another day or so…although I’ve been looking at them all along.

  4. Bob Says:


    It seems like most offers are good for about a month. However, you need to click on the offer to email you the code relatively quickly (once it disappears from your Kindle, it’s gone). But once you have the email with the code, you can usually think about acting on it for a couple weeks.

    I’ve clicked on most the Amazon special offers, just to see what it entails. As for acting on them, I’ve probably used half or more.

  5. Marge Holz Says:

    I really don’t find the ads a problem. It’s a real pleasant thing to not see those Kindle screen savers. I DETESTED THEM AFTER TWO YEARS! Sorry Calvin. I found them creepy after a while. I bought the KSO to upgrade from K-2 to K-3 (both w 3 g) but the change to ads instead of screen savers was a relief!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Marge!

      I’m glad you got images that were more pleasing for you. I go back to the K1, when we could do our own sleep mode pictures without a hack…but I do like the standard sleep mode pictures.

      A little thing: my first name is Bufo, my last name is Calvin…don’t worry about it, it happen a lot. 🙂

  6. D. Knight Says:

    Does anybody besides me play “AdMash” mostly to see what the upcoming offers will be?

    For those who don’t: upcoming are school supplies, a discount on a printer, something for K singles, an ad for a movie “The Help”, a mystery or thriller Kindle book for $1, and ads for Amazon crossing and Amazon encore.

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