Free game: Jigsaw Words

Free game: Jigsaw Words

Jigsaw Words (free at time of writing)
by Amazon

Okay I admit it…I play games sometimes on my Kindle…I have since the Kindle 1 (and yes, it came with a game). I know that seems inappropriate to some people. I mostly do it when I only have a couple of minutes, like waiting in line. As I’ve said before, I’d rather interrupt Solitaire than Mark Twain when I’m called up to the counter.

The fact that this is a word game may make it a bit more acceptable to some. 🙂

Jigsaw Words is a nice variant.

It’s easy to learn to play, but the puzzles can be challenging (which is a good thing).

I suppose the biggest negative is that it appears to be a finite game…you’ll eventually finish it. However, since it was free, that’s not a big deal to me.

The basic idea is that you see a series of clues, that look somewhat like crossword puzzle clues. At the top of the screen are “tiles” (they’d be tiles if this was physical game) with some letters on each one. You combine the tiles to form words which answer the questions.

For example, and I’m just making this up, it might say a clue like, “E-Book Reader”, and there might be a tile with KIN and another tile with DLE. Put those two together, click Submit, and the answer is filled in for the clue. Those two tiles disappear.

That sounds simple, but it can be harder than you think. First, the tiles aren’t in any particular order, so the letters you need might be back to front. Second, some of the questions are hard, and may look like they have more than one answer. Quick: what was the 42nd state admitted to the union? If it said, “City in California”, there are a lot of possible answers.

As always on your Kindle, when in doubt, hit Menu. If you do that in a puzzle, for example, you’ll get a choice to shuffle the tiles or even get a hint.

It does remember where you are in the sequence…if you are partway through a category, you don’t have to start over when you leave the Kindle and come back to it.

All in all, I’d say it’s more than worth the money. 😉 It’s no Scrabble or Boggle, but it’s not bad.

As with other Active Content titles, it doesn’t work on the K1, but does work on K2s, K3s, and the KDX.  It doesn’t work in reader apps, and I assume it can’t be purchased outside the US.

You can buy it once and share it with all compatible devices on the account.

If you try it, feel free to let me know what you think.

For information on more games, see this category.

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This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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