Freebie flash! Harlequin, OReilly, HarperCollins, and more

Freebie flash! Harlequin, OReilly, HarperCollins, and more

As usual, I don’t vouch for these books, and none of them block text-to-speech access. As promotional titles, they may not be free for long. Note: these books are free in the USA: prices in other countries may vary.

Summer Heat
by Sable Jordan, Perri Forrest, Thee KWEEN, Ms. Downlow
published by Fresh WHET Ink (independent?)

Psychic Knights – The Beginning
by P.B. Thompson
published by Ferret (independent?)

Adam’s Bar-B-Que Ribs
by Sugar Lee Ryder
published by Gryphon’s Lair (independent?)

JavaScript Bibliography
by Editors of Safari Books Online
published by OReilly Media

Foolish Pride
by Donna Marie Rodgers

Shadow Games
by Doug Welch

Once a Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance)
by Linda Warren
published by Harlequin

True Stories of Crime from the D.A.’s Office
by Arthur Train

From the Ice Incarnate
by Joe Vasicek

Dane (The Mackenzie Brothers Quartet)
by Liliana Hart
by Bodysways Publishing (independent)

Bright Young Things with Bonus Material
by Anna Godsbersen
published by HarperCollins

pre-order for September 6, 2011

Occam’s Razor: A Short Story
by John Brinling

Diary of a Dead Muse
by Benjamin Goshko

If I Had a Car
by Ted Summerfield

A Twisted Bard’s Tale (An Erotic Lesbian Short)
by Selena Kitt
by Excessica Publishing (independent?)

Napoleon Hill’s Hidden Secret In Think And Grow Rich: Why This Law Of Success Principle Proves The Master Keys To Success
by Gary Vurnum

Gifts in Sand and Water
by Andy Bellet
published by Doomed Muse Press (independent?)

The Price of Life
by T.M. Nienaber

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “Freebie flash! Harlequin, OReilly, HarperCollins, and more”

  1. Rick Says:

    It would really help if you added a one-line comment to each of the free titles you list so that we would know the genre and length of the item so we could know whether it is worth clicking to the Amazon page.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Rick!

      Yes, I agree…I wish I still had time to do that, like I used to do. I also linked to the publisher and gave a brief description of them, and I linked to the author as well in the beginning.

      The good news is that I don’t have the time to do that any more because there are so many more free books…there are close 1,000 promotional books right now. As I was creating this post, I was actually contemplating whether I should continue to do Freebie Flashes at all, since I can’t do them as completely as I used to do. However, I do get thank you comments for doing them, even the way they are, so i don’t want to stop completely.

      I appreciate your feedback…would it be better in your opinion to just not report them at all, report a much more limited number, or keep going the way I am? Those three are all options. Maybe I’ll poll the group…thanks again for raising the issue!

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