Kindle for Android app updated

Kindle for Android app updated

My Samsung Captivate just let me know about an update to Kindle for Android.

Under What’s New, it includes:

  • New Home experience with easy access to store (take that, iPhone)
  • Access book recommendations in your library
  • A new layout for newspapers and magazines…designed for Honeycomb tablets (hmm…maybe for a the hypothetical Amazon tab?)…this was version 3.0.0…but it may be that we are getting two upgrades at once?
  • Seamless shopping experience for tabs
This is version 3.1.0…it was about 3 megs.
I like the new lay-out. There is now a banner for Home, On Device, Archive, Store. That’s a lot more intuitive for getting to the Archive, and should reduce those questions in the forum.
The store interface isn’t bad…for example, it gives you the numbers of books in different categories (it says 998,210 Kindle eBooks). It lets you sort by several  things, just like the website store (but that wasn’t intuitive…I had to “long touch” the choice dropdown to get it to go…might just have been me, though). When I got to the category, I could search…even use my Android keyboard’s speech to text. I was able to download a sample, and that worked fine.
I would say the experience in the Kindle store is vastly superior to searching on a Kindle, and certainly comparable to searching on a computer.
Some people may find the new home screen with the recommendations a bit busy, but  it didn’t bother me. Of course, I like a cluttered visual field…more input! 🙂
Feel free to let me know what you think.
Kindle for Android in the Kindle appstore
This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

One Response to “Kindle for Android app updated”

  1. Ann Says:

    On my XOOM it doesn’t look any different, but I am seeing the new ‘home on my Droid.

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