Freebie flash! Restoring, Zen, Science…and more (including a game)

Freebie flash! Restoring, Zen, Science…and more (including a game)

As usual, I don’t vouch for these books, and none of them block text-to-speech access. As promotional titles, they may not be free for long. Note: these books are free in the USA: prices in other countries may vary.

Grid Detective
from Amazon Digital Services
size: 601kb

This one is am active content game, and is only available for Kindle 2s, 3s, and DX’s, and only in the USA. I debated putting this into a separate post, but decided to include it here. 🙂

A Touch of Night
by Sarah A. Vogt, Sofie Skapski
by Naked Reader Press (independent?)
size: 388kb
categories: fiction; romance; fantasy; historical

Gaze of Intent
by Brin Castle
published by Caldwell Press (independent?)
size: 37kb
categories: fiction; fantasy; contemporary

Restoring Hope (Native American Romance Series Book 1)
by Ruth Ann Nordin
size: 278kb
categories: historical romance

The Zen Experience
by Thomas Hoover
published by Penguin
size: 743kb
categories: religious studies; history

Building Data Science Teams
by DJ Patil
size: 176kb
categories: computers & internet

Praise Jerusalem
by Augusta Trobaugh
published by Bell Bridge
size: 582kb
categories: contemporary fiction

The Rich Man
by Miroslav Halás
category:short stories

Natural Order (Fiction Friday)
by Michael Jasper
published by UnWrecked Press (independent?)
categories: fantasy; contemporary

Smoking Some Crack with Whitney Houston
by German Alcala

The Wall
by Kanmi Iyanda
published by MyAppitude (independent?)
size: 1367kb
categories: fiction

Meet the Madfeet (Fiction Friday)
by Michael Jasper
published by UnWrecked Press (independent?)
categories: epic; fantasy

Without A Word
by c. Kevin Provance
size: 167kb
categories: fiction

One Step Closer
by Iain Rowan
published by infinity plus (independent?)
size: 78kb
categories: short stories

Favored Son: A Short Novelette
by Joshua Scribner
size: 35kb
categories: fiction; horror; ghosts

Cigs, Bolan & Strange Men With Guns (Prequel #1) (Assassination Series)
by Gayle Ramage
size: 20kb
categories: fantasy

Sunda Cloud (K-Cycle Series)
by Kat Duncan
category: mysteries & thrillers; suspense

Where is Paradise?
by Aliya Anjum
by Kolachi (independent?)
size: 17kb
categories: short stories

by Mark Graham
published by Gelastic Press (independent?)
size: 103kb
categories: fantasy; contemporary

Skidmark and Mudbeam (Fiction Friday)
by Michael Jasper
published by UnWrecked Press (independent?)
size: 44kb
categories: fiction; horror

Prime Pickings (An Eater Short)
by Richard Raley
size: 42kb
categories: short stories

#baphomet: a short story
by Marcin Wrona
size: 24kb
categories: fiction; fantasy

Marcus In Iraq
by Sonia Rumzi
published by Heart Press (independent?)
size: 107kb
categories: fiction; war

Bi-Quinary Rescue
by Gerald M. Weinberg
size: 61kb
categories: science fiction

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