Len Edgerly will liveblog the Amazon Announcement tomorrow

Len Edgerly will liveblog the Amazon Announcement tomorrow

Gee, did you hear that Amazon is having a press event tomorrow? 😉

10:00 AM EDT in New York (7:00 AM where I am), Amazon is announcing something.

My guess is that it may be several things.

  • A Kindle backlit tablet (which might be called the Amazon Kindle Fire, but we’ll see). I would guess they’ll announce a low-priced one (on the order of $200…maybe $189, to take the price point of the currently most expensive Kindle that isn’t the DX) and maybe another one with free Prime for maybe $239 (to underprice the NOOKColor by $10…they like that)
  • Two new reflective Kindles, one an entry level ($129?) which is stripped down (I don’t know if they can do that with a touchscreen, but maybe), and one that is touchscreen and more expensive…maybe even a larger screen (time to bench the DX)
  • Prime E-Book Lending, so Amazon Prime members can read very select e-books for free (again, I think that would be included with the tablet…maybe with a more expensive flavor, as I indicated above)
  • Price drops on existing Kindles (including the K3 wi-fi only ad-supported going under $100)
  • Maybe a separate announcement of the reinstatement of the California Associates (in time for us to get in on pre-orders)
  • A suggestion of more tablets to come in the future

I do not think they’ll drop either reflective screen devices or non-ad-supported models…which might make more than one model of the Kindles above.


There’s still a possibility that the AmTab (I don’t want to call it the Fire yet) will be able to switch between backlit and reflective, but I’d be surprised. One analyst suggested that the AmTab would have screens provided both by E Ink and by LG Display (LGD for short). LGD has shown both reflective and backlit, including color reflective, and for that matter, flexible reflective screens. I think we’ll get a flexible screen eventually…pretty unbreakable that way (although not completely), and you could take a newspaper size display and roll it up and tuck it under your arm, or maybe even fold it up. That’s off in the future, though, in my opinion.

We will find out for sure tomorrow…at this point, it better be big! 🙂

Actually, I may not find out when it is first announced…depending on how quick they are. I need to be on the road around that time…I’ll be able to pay attention for about fifteen minutes, I’d say.

For you, there is good news!

Len Edgerly, of The Kindle Chronicles podcast (I’ve been on the show) is going to Liveblog the event, in conjunction with Steven Windwalker.

I read about it from Andrys Basten of A Kindle World.

Those are three powerful Kindle bloggers, and I’ve written about them before.

Len is already blogging the event here:


You can normally found Len here:


You can read Steve here:


You can read Andrys here:


What am I expecting to do tomorrow?

Buy the Amazon tablet as soon as I can and have it shipped in an expedited fashion.

Interestingly, I don’t think I’d buy one of the reflective screen Kindles right away. I’m happy with my Kindle 3…and I can’t think of anybody right off in my family who needs my used one. I could get the latest model and donate my K3, of course, but I’m not a person who needs the next thing right away.

Except for the tablet. 🙂

I don’t have a tablet, but I’m a good candidate for one.

By the way, I can see some other things that might be announced. One might be personal documents being archived for us. Since we can upload personal documents to the Cloud Drive, this doesn’t seem like a higher bar for copyright issues. That would let them back up our personal notes and enable Whispersync for personal docs. There could clearly be more integration with Shelfari (which Amazon owns) to up the social networking factor. I have to say, I’ve written to Shelfari Help twice now with no response…that doesn’t encourage me. Hopefully, Amazon would take that over and we’d get the great Customer Service we get with the Kindle.

I expect the AmTab to do videos, music, games, apps, and e-books. I don’t think it needs a camera and that sort of thing…not this first one. I see it as a media delivery system…with the internet, of course, so you can do e-mail. They can do a more expensive one next year that lets you do your business stuff (spreadsheets, presentations), edit movies,videoconferencing,  that kind of thing.

I’m just guessing, though…this is going to be a long twelve hours… 😉

Feel free to speculate and let me know.

This post by Bufo Calvin appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog

6 Responses to “Len Edgerly will liveblog the Amazon Announcement tomorrow”

  1. Harold Delk Says:

    I just heard a “rumor” that one of the announcements tomorrow will be Amazon’s purchase of Netflix … could not substantiate any sources though. That would be interesting in the streaming video biz wars. I’m still trying to pin down some factual info … will let you know if I find anything.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Harold!

      I think that story started back around December of 2010. It’s been revived again recently, when Michael Pachter of Wedbush thought it might make sense. I personally think that’s unlikely at this point. Studios have been canceling deals with Netflix and going with Amazon…not the same studios, necessarily, but that’s been the trend. Amazon did buy the “European Netflix”, LoveFilm…but they already have a presence in streaming video in the USA…and it’s not the time to get into renting DVDs, in my opinion.

      We’ll see…

  2. kitkats482 Says:

    the Fire looks interesting, but how have we waited so long for a tablet that only has wifi capability?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, kitkats402!

      I don’t think we’ve been waiting that long…hey, it beat the flying car! 😉 I think we’ll see a 3G model in 2012…and if your phone has hotspot capability, it’s no big deal.

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    […] do want to take credit for a mid-year hit before I move on to 2012. In this post, I was guessing what Amazon was going to announce. I said: My guess is that it may be several […]

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