Chain stores to get Kindle Fire, other new Kindles

Chain stores to get Kindle Fire, other new Kindles

One of my readers in a private e-mail alerted me to this:

Washington Post article

Not a big surprise, but I’ve seen people asking.

Brick-and-mortar chain stores will carry the new Kindle Fire tablet, and the other new Kindles as well.

I haven’t updated the

ILMK E-Books Timeline

yet, but this is what it is looking like so far:

Now: Best Buy is taking pre-orders for “all the new Kindles”, and they’l be in the stores for the holidays:

Best Buy Kindle pre-orders

October 6: price drop at Staples for the Kindle Keyboard (aka the Kindle 3)

October 8: Staples starts carrying the Mindle (my nickname for the $79 Kindle)

“By the holidays”: everything will be in the stores. I’d expect the stores not to have the before the release dates (the Fire not before November 15, for example). We may also see shortages…

I would also guess that other stores will get it, including airport stores. Both the Mindle and the Fire might be a good fit for Toys R Us this season…

All of this is USA only, as far as I know.

People also ask: I’d suggest you get it at Amazon. Their service is so good if you have to return something. It’s honestly not going to be harder to get a replacement from Amazon than to wait in a huge line at a brick-and-mortar store. You might get it a day or so faster at that store…but it’s going to be a lot more effort. Just my opinion on that, though.

This post by Bufo Calvin first appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog


One Response to “Chain stores to get Kindle Fire, other new Kindles”

  1. Tom Madsen Says:

    I guess the instant gratification thing, but for me Amazons CS is so great about keeping us happy. Oh and it’s nice saving some money on not paying sales tax. 🙂

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