Kindle Print Replica: Kindle books that look like the print books

Kindle Print Replica: Kindle books that look like the print books

I stumbled across this, and it’s fascinating and possibly related to the Kindle Fire and KF8.

What is it?

It’s a new format of Kindle book that looks just like the print edition…pictures in color, in the same place, and so on. It’s like a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, and may be a challenger to it from the consumption side.

It’s currently only available on Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac.

Also, because it is treated like an image (like an uncoverted PDF), you can’t increase the text size or use text-to-speech.

Here are the details:

Kindle Print Replica Content help page

I’ve searched for “Print Replica” books at Amazon a couple of ways, and haven’t found any yet…maybe tomorrow.

Consider this breaking news and a heads-up.

I suspect this may make a big difference for textbooks…although that might work better on a future hypothetical larger version of the Fire.

When I can check this out, I’ll tell you more…

Update: found one!

Contemporary Industrial Organization: A Quantitative Approach

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a sample option..and it’s $42.80 at time of writing. You can rent it, but I’m not doing that just to check. 🙂

This is linked on the page:

“Print Replica Kindle books maintain the rich formatting and layout of their related print editions and offer many of the advantages of standard Kindle books. Features include:

Notes and highlights
Search, copy and paste
Zoom and pan
Pop-out linked table-of-contents”

File size? 8379 KB. Three SDLs (Simultaneous Device Licenses).

Update: here’s a search with 26 results (looks like one false positive):

Print Replica search

They look they are all textbooks…excluding the outlier, the lowest price is $28.58, and they go up to $417.89.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


2 Responses to “Kindle Print Replica: Kindle books that look like the print books”

  1. Tom Semple Says:

    This actually was announced/discovered back in August, around the time they announced textbook rental (one is available for rental). They are literally PDFs inside a mobi ‘wrapper’. There seem to be several of them you can sample, provided you have a recent version of Kindle for Mac or Kindle for PC. I was not able to send a sample to my pre-ordered Fire, which seems to indicate that this is still in the experimental stages (how could it be otherwise with fewer than 30 titles). Still, the sample I looked at was nice enough, though I could not try the ‘pop out linked table of contents’ as that’s probably not available in samples.

    According to Amazon VP Dave Limp, the Fire is supposed to have ‘desktop-class’ PDF viewing out of the box, so I’d be surprised if they don’t eventually add support for this format to Fire, though the screen resolution of Fire is not really large enough to support such a claim IMO. But they really need more titles if this format is going to have any impact.

    We’ll have to wait and see if the KF8 ‘fixed layout’ format is HTML based (like Apple’s iBooks fixed layout:, or PDF-based as Kindle Replica is. I suspect KF8 just clones Apple’s approach, so that people designing ebooks for iBooks can more easily convert them for Fire.

    • Tom Semple Says:

      Actually I would say Fire probably will not get support for this format unless there are more titles in the pipeline, and the user experience is adequate or at least approximating what is possible with PDF itself (Amazon Appstore does have a couple of apps capable of viewing Adobe DRM-ed PDFs from non-Amazon sources, and they should run on Fire).

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