Kindle (Fire) Software Update Version 6.2

Kindle (Fire) Software Update Version 6.2 

Kindle Software Update Version 6.2 is now available for the Kindle Fire.

That means, by the way, that we have averaged one update a week so far…I hope they don’t cancel this show after thirteen episodes. 😉

It should happen automatically, but here’s what I did:

I made sure I was connected to wi-fi. I tried updating it by doing a sync, but nothing seemed to happen with the version.

You can check the version by doing

Settings Gear* – More – Device

You are probably on 6.1 right now.

I was going to do it manually by going to the

Kindle Fire Software Update 6.2 page

but then it occurred to me to just shut it down (hold the power button in for a second or so) and restart it.

That did it…when it was coming back on, it went through the process flawlessly.

They don’t tell us exactly what this does, but they do mention some things, like magazines.

I can tell you one thing: it feels much more responsive.

Getting into the Device part to check the version was notably quicker.

I started to check some other things for you.

Ah, this is interesting! Whichever webpage is the active page in the Web tab is displayed on the Carousel…but not all the pages I have open or other ones I have visited! That’s a big plus.

All of my archived books are still on my Carousel.

Okay, I’m going to warn you on this one! When I went to

Settings Gear – More – Help & Feedback

there was a noticeable bright flash when I switched tabs to go to, say, Feedback. It only happened the first time in each session, but it was bright! I have particularly good night vision (I think that’s related to my having some color vision deficiency), so bright lights bother me more than most people. Still, you’ll see it.

I don’t see any other major changes…I’ve just run through all of the main menus.

I’m still finding that the Back button doesn’t always respond, but everything else seems more responsive.

Subjectively, the sound may be a bit louder…I’m not going to swear to that one, though.

Check it out and let me know if you notice anything else.

* Amazon officially calls what I call the Settings Gear “Quick Settings icon”, but I don’t think people will find it if I call it that.

Update: thanks to reader Malcolm Northrup for pointing out that I didn’t say this was the Kindle Fire right at the top of the post. What happened was that I’d used my own title for the article, and then decided I’d better use Amazon’s official name for the update. I didn’t realize, when I copied and pasted, that it didn’t identify the hardware. Thanks, Malcolm!

Update: here’s a brilliant change! When you have the keyboard open, you’ll see a number on the top row of letters. If you “long press” one of those keys (hold your fingertip down for about a second), it will type that number. That saves you pusing the 123!? button…it’s much easier. Pretty cool…but wait, there’s more! 😉 If you do that on a letter that has variants, you can long press to choose the variant. For example, let’s say you want to type the Spanish letter eñe…you can just long press the letter “n”. Try it with the letter “o”…you may be surprised. 🙂 Besides the number 9, there are eight variants…just slide your finger along to pick the one you want. I’m impressed!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

16 Responses to “Kindle (Fire) Software Update Version 6.2”

  1. Malcolm Northrup Says:

    Bufo, small point but the post is about the Kindle Fire and your well into the text before that is mentioned. Certainly not major but not very clear.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Malcolm!

      Good catch! Absolutely reasonable…and I’ll change it and credit you.

      What happened there was that I’d give the post my own title, and mentioned the Fire. Then, I decided I wanted Amazon’s wording for the name of the update, and copied and pasted from the help page…not realizing that they didn’t put the word “Fire” in it! 🙂

  2. Kelli Says:

    Thanks for the info! I had to download the update and transfer the file as instructed on the Amazon update page. I did try turning the Fire off and powering back up (with and without my password), but no luck on an auto update or option to update. Again, thanks for the instructions and link.

  3. Zebras Says:

    Bufo, they’ve done something with the virtual keyboard, numbers now appear also on the top of the first row of keys, but not sure what to do to make the numbers work directly from there. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought the Carousel looked bigger.

    • Kelli Says:

      I noticed those numbers there prior to the update on mine, but I don’t know why they are there or how to use them from that position.

      • Kelli Says:

        *Update – Okay, I just figured them out! If you long press the key with a number and a letter on it, it will type a number instead of a letter!

    • servildos Says:

      If you hold down on those keys, the displayed and entered character will be the number.

    • tuxgirl Says:

      That was there for me on 6.1. I was using it from the first time I turned the kindle on.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, tuxgirl!

        You are talking about the multi-function keys? Hmm…I could have missed it. When my new Fire arrived, it did have it on 6.1.

        I’m pretty thorough…but it’s amazing how we can miss things like that. I saw somebody saying it was new, and that’s when I noticed it.


  4. AugustFalcon Says:

    FWIW, I am still on 6.1 but I started to notice some flashing late last night (EST).

    I kind of liked the web pages in the Carousel because it gave me an easy way to get back to Google+.

    • Kelli Says:

      If you frequent a particular web page you can add it to your favorites. You can visit the page and it will appear on the carousel, then long press, and add to favorites. I have done that with Google and others.

  5. Alan Says:

    My Fire updated to 6.2 Wed. at around 9am. I had just turned off
    the screen and the a minute or so later the screen flashed a couple of times. It then went to showing a download progress bar for only a few minutes and finished by what seemed a reboot. Kind of cool to watch. BTW it was not plugged in at the time.

    Thanks for all the tips and info

  6. TC Says:

    I wavered between the Fire and the Nook Tablet for about a week before getting one. I ended up with the Nook and I’m very, very happy with it. I think I would have had buyer’s regret with the Fire. I easily side-loaded the Kindle App so I have all my previous books on it as well as full access to Android Apps, browsers, file managers etc. Sideloading was a snap and I can run the Android interface concurrently with the Nook interface.
    The clinchers for me:
    * Double the RAM of the Fire. No stuttering or pausing at all with movies; page turns are flawless in both the Nook reader and Kindle App reader.
    * Virtually unlimited storage with the SDHC card slot (I have a boatload of movies and photos there, no need to wait for them on the Cloud)
    * Access to just about everything the Fire has through Amazon including the streaming movies with Prime – they work perfectly, and access to all my songs on Amazon Cloud. I can stream songs right from the Amazon cloud too.
    * Volume control buttons
    * Nicely placed power button
    * Home button that works like it’s supposed to.
    * A superior screen display
    * Barnes and Noble Express Shipping for a year for $25 that gave a $25 discount from the price of the Nook Tablet. Essentially that knocks $25 off the price and makes it just $25 more than the Fire for a whole lot more value.

    No updates have been released for the Nook Tablet. It hasn’t needed any. As another tech company says about their product, “It just works!”

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, TC!

      I’m glad you are happy with your choice…that’s what I always want for people.

      If people have questions about your list of advantages, I’m sure they’ll ask them here…if you’d care to check back from time to time, I’m sure people would appreciate your perspective.

      For me, the biggest decider to go with the Kindle Fire over the NOOK Tablet is the customer service at the two companies, both in policies and in personal experience. Any Barnes & Noble starts the race with one foot in a bucket for me for that reason. 🙂 That doesn’t mean they can’t win a race, it’s just that it’s a big hurdle to overcome. They may eventually improve those, and I’m open to that. I’ve had great experiences in Barnes & Noble stores (and I’m a former bookstore manager), but my customer experiences with them online have not been as good (as opposed to amazing customer service from Amazon). The worst one for is the policy that they have if a customer of theirs accidentally returns a NOOK to the wrong Barnes & Noble address.

      They say:

      “Please note: if you do not call for a return authorization number and send the nook to the wrong return center, no refund will be provided and your nook will not be returned to you.”

      That policy is a dealbreaker for me. I can’t imagine, as a former retailer, that I would keep a customer’s return without either giving them the item back or a refund, because of a rectifiable mistake. I could understand if they felt like they needed to charge someone a processing fee to transport it to the other part of the company…there could be associated costs. Simply keeping it with no recompense, though? I find that odd and unacceptable.

  7. AugustFalcon Says:

    “They say:

    “Please note: if you do not call for a return authorization number and send the nook to the wrong return center, no refund will be provided and your nook will not be returned to you.”

    If they follow that policy it will most likely result in the Common Law tort of Conversion and could even rise to the level of criminal conversion. Certainly, here in Connecticut it would be considered as an unfair business practice and would be actionable under the statute which provides for the award of attorney’s fees.

    Almost makes me want to go out and get a Nook and then return it to the wrong address. 🙂

  8. Where To Buy Kindle Touch Says:

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    […]Kindle (Fire) Software Update Version 6.2 « I Love My Kindle[…]…

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