Round up #60: Amazon’s Customer Service is #1, Zinio

Round up #60: Amazon’s Customer Service is #1, Zinio

How to get Zinio on your Kindle Fire 

When Amazon announced that they were adding more apps for the Kindle Fire, I’m sure that they had included Zinio, a popular magazine subscription delivery app.

In fact, I didn’t have any trouble finding news articles about the inclusion.

However, where I thought I had seen it before, it wasn’t there any more.

There is a Zinio app in the Amazon Appstore…but they don’t list it as compatible with the Kindle Fire.

So, I decided go to

to contact them and ask them when they thought it might be available.

Well, according to them, their app is approved for the Kindle Fire…and they don’t know why it isn’t in the store:

“Users are encouraged to contact Kindle support here to find out why it isn’t available for download, despite being approved for the device. “

Interesting…I’d like to know more about the story.

In the mean time, you can download the app and then sideload it to your Kindle Fire…if you allow the installation of “Applications from Unknown Sources”.

Amazon warns you about that…they obviously can’t take responsibility for those apps.

While some people complain about the Kindle Fire not having access to the Android Marketplace, I think it’s great that Amazon gives us the choice whether to just go with apps they’ve tested and approved, or to take a risk and sideload apps from other sources…after letting us know about the potential negative consequences.

If you want to allow your Fire to sideload apps from other sources, its

Settings Gear – More – Device

In this case, I’d be confident in downloading the app from here:

I’m not going to do it, though…I don’t want to destandardize my Kindle Fire…I need it to be standard for testing purposes. I just don’t want to add the variable, and I’m hopeful they get whatever the issue is worked out between them.

Zinio has some great content, by the way. For example, they carry the digital version of

Fortean Times

which is one of my favorite magazines. 🙂

Amazon Customer Service is #1…again

Foresee has published its annual

Holiday E-Tail Satisfaction Index

Amazon is head and shoulders above the rest at 88%. The closer competitors, QVC, Avon, Apple, VistaPrint and JC Penney, are at 83%…a full 5% under.

That’s a lot at this level.

It’s also up two points from last year.

Barnes & Noble, by the way, is still in the excellent category, at 81%.

Netflix’s score dropped six percent from last year.

It will be interesting to see where Amazon goes with this over the next year.

I think it’s possible they’ll level off or drop a bit.

I don’t think it’s because their service will decay, of course. I think they do an incredibly good job.

It’s because the Kindle Fire may be many people’s first introduction to Amazon.

That hadn’t occurred to me until tonight, but I think that’s important.

The Fire is a relatively complicated piece of equipment, if you don’t know much about electronics. You have to get it on a wi-fi network to get it to work. That’s not hard for me, but I’ve done it. For people who never knew they had to know their password to get on the network (and may not even have a network), it may not be the best introduction.

They get a Kindle Fire and can’t get it to work at all.

They don’t know that calling Kindle Customer Service is a positive experience.

They consider it bad service because they can’t get the Fire to do anything for them…I’ve seen a number of people say that it messed up Christmas…not a good thing.

For those of us with years of experience with Amazon, we see the company differently.

First impressions matter. If millions of people might be introduced to Amazon by the Kindle Fire, that could be a detriment to the satisfaction index. Again, that’s not saying that the Fire has an unusual number of problems…it’s saying that people may get it thinking that it should be easier than it is.

Just a hypothesis, though…we’ll see what happens. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


6 Responses to “Round up #60: Amazon’s Customer Service is #1, Zinio”

  1. cecdc7731 Says:

    I have side-loaded the Zinio app b/c like you I had seen that it was announced approved but not in the Amazon Store. It works great on the Fire with no problems so far for me. I’ve side-loaded several apps from companies that I trust with no problems so far…knock wood

  2. Diane DeHart Says:

    Just a note on Amazon customer service. My new Touch 3G has a software issue. It slows down (page turning, etc) and then goes into a re-boot every several days. Also the e-ink gets very light after I highlight text for something. Customer service only asked me a couple of questions about damage, use of a cover, etc. before they said they are sending me a new replacement. A close friend accidentally dropped her K-keyboard that is over a year old. They are not replacing hers for free but offered her a replacement at an extremely low cost. Kudos to Amazon. This is why I wanted a Kindle, not a Nook.

  3. Alison Mitchell Says:

    Bufo – I don’t really understand how to do the sideloading of an app. I really want Zinio on my Fire, because I have a subscription through them. I have my Fire set to allow outside apps, but I don’t know what I do after that. Can you help me?

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Alison!

      In the case of the Zinio app, you don’t actually need to sideload it (which means having the file locally…on a computer in your house, most likely, and then putting it on your device using a USB cable).

      On your Kindle Fire, go here:

      They have a link you can just tap to download it to your Fire. They have more instructions there.

      If you need more help with it, let me know.

      If you aren’t reading this comment on your Fire, search for Zinio on the Web tab. You’ll find

      Once you get there, tap Help in your top right corner.

      Then, you’ll find a section on your right that says,

      “NEW: Zinio has an app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire…”

      You can tap where it says “here” and get there.

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