Freebie flash! Skinny, Elephant, Games, and more

Freebie flash! Skinny, Elephant, Games, and more

As usual, I don’t vouch for these books, and none of them block text-to-speech access. As promotional titles, they may not be free for long. Note: these books are free in the USA: prices in other countries may vary.

Elephant Girl: A Human Story
by Jane Devin
size: 488 pages (620KB)
categories: biographies & memoirs

61 out of 64 5-star reviews…impressive!

Skinny models secret:250 vegetarian Recipes under 300 Calories:Low sodium & High Fiber
by Olivia Turner
size: 143 estimated pages (402KB)
categories: nonfiction; advice & how-to; diets

Cloning Christ: The Second Book of Daniel
by D.S. Hay
published by Arson Books (independent?)
size: 833KB
categories: Christian fiction; mystery & thrillers

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games: A Parody
by “Bratniss Everclean”
published by Splatterbrain & Son (independent?)
size: 188 pages (459KB)
categories: parodies

Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows (The Anne Droyd Adventures)
by Will Hadcroft
published by Nordic (independent?)
size: 221 pages (estimated) 428KB
categories: children’s; action & adventure

Strange Attractors
by PD Allen
published by Fiddlesticks Press (independent?)
size: 280KB
categories: humor

Cute Puppies and Dogs
by G. Alexander
size: 1605KB
categories: children’s; pets

Photographs of dogs

Squidoo Success: Squidoo Lens Creation and Promotion
by Trevor Dumbleton
published by Stonham House (independent?)
size: 168KB
categories: nonfiction; computers & internet

The Golden Gate Bridge Story
by Ira Krakow
size: 322KB
categories: professional & technical; architecture

BOI MEETS GRL – a vampire screenplay
by David Sloma
published by Web of Life solutions (independent?)
size: 382KB
categories: arts & entertainment; performing arts; fiction; horror

This one actually is formatted as a screenplay: that’s unusual in the Kindle store, but not unprecedented. It would be interesting if this were to be sold for a movie as a result of its publication as an e-book…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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