Freebie flash! Fat, Haunting, Ideas, and more

Freebie flash! Fat, Haunting, Ideas, and more

As usual, I don’t vouch for these books, and none of them block text-to-speech access. As promotional titles, they may not be free for long. Note: these books are free in the USA: prices in other countries may vary.

Seppl, a step ahead of politics
by Klaus Veltjens
size: 450KB (267 pages)
categories: nonfiction; biographies & memoirs

Broadsides In the War of Ideas
by Edward Cline
size: 436KB
categories: nonfiction; history; United States

Once Upon a Haunting in Keenesburg, Colorado
by Susan Ripley Rodgers
published by the Empathy Project
size: 89KB
categories: nonfiction; unexplained mysteries

The author’s own experiences in a haunted house.

October 2011 (Limerence Magazine)
size: 162KB
categories: nonfiction; gay & lesbian

High Fat High Calorie Delicious Desserts (F**k The Diet)
by Catherine Hunt
published by Geezer Guides (independent?)
size: 162KB
categories: nonfiction; cooking, food & wine; cakes

The Researcher and The Librarian
by D.T. Yarbrough
size: 207KB
categories: fiction; horror; occult

John F. Kennedy, A Life
by New Word City
size: 767KB
categories: nonfiction; biographies & memoirs

How To Use WordPress – Great Tips To Creating a Professional Website Using WordPress
by Michael Rutters
size: 1016KB
categories: nonfiction; website design

This is a WordPress blog…but I don’t feel like an expert on that.

Happy as a Ferret – The CRAZY Guide to Happiness & Inner Peace
by “Jack T. Ferret”
size: 122KB
categories: advice & how-to; self help; happiness

Massively Networked: How the convergence of social media and technology is changing your life
by Pamela Lund
published by PLI Media
size: 644KB
categories: nonfiction; science; technology

Conquering Babel: A Practical Guide to Learning a Language
by Claire Handscombe
size: 143KB (43 pages)
categories: nonfiction; foreign languages

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

7 Responses to “Freebie flash! Fat, Haunting, Ideas, and more”

  1. Keith Shilhavy Says:

    I received Aa Fire update yesterday….6.2.2. J have not noticed any difference in performance. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. Árni Viðar Björgvinsson Says:

    A tiny comment on this post:

    “Prime Members: $0.00” is not the same as “Kindle Price: $0.00” 😉

    Great blog, Mr. Calvin. I’ve been following you for a week now and enjoying your feed very much 🙂

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Arni!

      Welcome aboard, and thanks for the kind words!

      Yes, that’s correct. All of the ones I listed here had a purchase price of zero for US Kindle store customers when I wrote the post.

      When a book is free specifically to eligible Prime members, it is free to borrow…not to own. It’s very important that people are accessing the book’s product page from a Kindle device, and click a button that says “borrow” not “buy”. I’ve seen several people who bought multiple books thinking that they would be free for them…

      Thanks for pointing that out! Apparently, it isn’t being said enough… 🙂

      • Árni Viðar Björgvinsson Says:

        Ah, so they were actually free and not just Prime ‘free’ when you wrote the post?

        These freebies have a pretty quick turnaround 🙂

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Arni!

        Two things:

        First, the new KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select program (which is how independents get their books into the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library) also allows five days a month where a book can be offered for free. That’s the first time indies can make their books free in the Kindle store, by the way. Those days are selected by the publisher/author and they do not need to be contiguous…they can do one at a time. That means more books may be free for only one day.

        However, it’s also possible that your country is not set as the USA. I point out at the beginning of the posts that this is only accurate for customers in the USA. You can check that: go to


        Country Settings

        on the left. If you are a resident of the USA and that’s not the country shown, you can change it there.

  3. Freebie flash! Fat, Haunting, Ideas, and more | How to get Free Kindle E books Says:

    […] This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Kindle Active Content […]

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