Big Kindle Boogie giveaway: 10 Kindle Fires, 75 books, more!

Big Kindle Boogie giveaway: 10 Kindle Fires, 75 books, more!

Author Blake Crouch sent me this announcement, and it is quite a giveaway!

A group of authors (I’ll list them in a minute) are giving away ten Kindle Fires, and making 75 of their books free on February 1 (today) and February 2nd!

Now how much would you pay? Wait…you don’t pay anything! 😉

There is more, though: they will also make a $500 donation to a public library selected by one of the Kindle Fire winners!

Here are links to the books that are free for each author today and tomorrow. What I did was search for the author at a zero price (using It’s possible that some of these books will be free outside of February 1 and 2nd, but don’t count on it. These authors will have collaborated on some of these books, so the same book may appear more than once (under different searches).  It’s also possible that the search may find books by other authors…still, these are freebies (in the USA) when I write this post:

UPDATE: Important! Do check that each individual book is free when you click to buy it. I ran into one that was ninety-nine cents. 

We can certainly give some credit to Amazon’s KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing Select) program for this promotion, along with due credit to the authors. To be able to make the books free in the Kindle store (for up to five days out of a ninety day period), they have to be part of KDP Select. That also means they are available for eligible Prime members to borrow (up to a book a month) for no additional cost (over what they are paying for Prime…typically $79 a year).

This group of authors has been particularly smart and innovative, and it’s exciting to see them embracing the KOLL (Kindle Owners’ Lending Library).

Here is their press release:



10 Free Kindle Fires, 75 free ebooks, $300 in gift cards, a $500 library donation! Entries for 10 free Kindle Fires are already underway at and gift cards are being randomly awarded on Twitter for those who tweet about the Big Kindle Boogie. On Feb. 1-2, bestselling thriller authors J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, Scott Nicholson, Lee Goldberg, and J. Carson Black are making 75 Kindle books free on Amazon. They are also making a $500 donation to the local library of one Kindle Fire winner. They are also releasing the five-book Ultimate Thriller Box Set for free during the event. Contest is international, no purchase necessary. You can also join the Facebook party at Three easy ways to enter:

Everything free, everything fun. Good luck!


If you do win a Fire, I’d appreciate you letting me know! I love it when I give people information that helps them out. 🙂 If you get to choose the public library donation, I’d especially like to hear about that! Good luck! Oh, and enjoy the freebies! I’m going to be getting a bunch of those myself. 😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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