Amazon serves India with

Amazon serves India with

India has a huge population…they even have more people than Facebook*. 😉

They are also huge producers and consumers of culture.

It’s one of the ten largest publishing countries (based on titles per year).

India reportedly produces more movies a year than the USA…and they are seen by more people.

It’s also a high-tech country.

It’s no real surprise, then, that Amazon is entering into the e-tailing world in India today through

It’s an interesting approach. They aren’t opening an Amazon India…they are serving as a search portal for online goods. Yes, from, but also from other places.

I learned a new word for me in doing this story, and I always love that. I noticed on the website and in one of the news stories that they had over “1.2 crore” products to discover.

What’s a crore?

It’s ten million.

Crore is a lot easier to say. 🙂 I suspect that may come in handy at some point…I wonder if it’s in the Scrabble dictionary? More importantly for me, I wonder if Dabble will recognize it? I doubt it…I like that game, but it doesn’t recognize some words I think it should. already does a lot of that “finding third party” stuff. Many times, I search for something on Amazon, and find something that I want to get from somewhere else.

I thought it was particularly interesting recently when I started my shopping off Amazon (yes, I do buy some things other places) 😉 and when I went to purchase the item, it asked if I wanted to check-out through Amazon.

Sure, why not?

It was easy, and I was all set.

Now, India does have challenges for Amazon.

As I’ve mentioned already, it’s a high tech country…and they have their own competitor to the Kindle (and have had it for some time). I’ve written about/ the Infibeam Pi before. They’ve updated it since then, with a touchscreen version:

If you go to the site, you’ll notice how much it looks like Amazon. They even do a smile as a logo…although Infibeam’s has two sides. 🙂

Infibeam does free shipping to India, and the Pi has support for local languages…but the market is clearly big enough in India to support both sites.

It will be interesting to see if we get Hindi and/or Sanskrit support…

Oh, and my quick research suggests that “junglee” means, roughly, wild, as in the sense of wilderness. There also seems to be something about it being a place without (drinkable?) water.

* It sounds like a joke to point out that India has more people than Facebook, but I’ve heard that (based on population) Facebook is the third largest country in the world, behind India and China.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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