Amazon gives KDP publishers more info about freebies

Amazon gives KDP publishers more info about freebies

The battle for customers is the battle for readers.

The battle for readers is the battle for content.

The battle for content is the battle for publishers.

The battle for content is the battle for authors.

Amazon has just improved the experience for Kindle Direct Publishers by giving us more information on what happens when we take advantage of their KDP Select program and offer our books for free through the Kindle store.

I did that with most of my books on my birthday on February 12th…and I knew that many of them were downloaded.

However, it was hard to tell exactly how many.

The free downloads were mixed in with the purchases…I couldn’t tell which was which.

I wrote Amazon and asked if I was just missing that somehow. It didn’t seem likely: I’m pretty good at finding stuff. 😉

I’d gotten this response from them on February 24 (less than a week ago):

“At this time, free sales are not shown separately on the sales reports, however, we’re making improvements to our reports to help give the clearest picture of your sales.”

Well, one of my readers, Donna White Glaser, pointed out to me that (as of March 1), they are now giving us more data!

When they say they are making improvements, they mean it. 😉

They’ve added two columns:

Free Units-Promo**

Free Units-Price Match***

That second one happens when a title “… is made available for free due to matching a competitor’s free promotion”

Yep…if your book is free at another retailer, Amazon may price match it and give it away…and, by the way, you don’t get royalties when that happens. You also don’t get royalties when you choose to give away books on promo days.

Still, you need that data to determine if freebies are worth it…and Amazon is now giving it to us.

I do wish we could see the data for months before March 2012, but maybe in the future.

Thanks, Amazon!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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