Amazon changes the game again: will publish e-books outside the Kindle store

Amazon changes the game again: will publish e-books outside the Kindle store

just wrote earlier today about an article that, with much gnashing of teeth, warned that consumers are the victims of the e-book exclusivity practiced by Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.

Disaster averted! 😉

Amazon is going to rescue us from…um…itself, I guess, by publishing some e-books “…everywhere in all formats.” That’s according to this article

by Laura Hazard Owen…ironically distributed by Yahoo! Finance, the same place I got the earlier article.

At this point, we only know about a series of books by James Atlas, and the first one won’t be published until 2013.

However, this is still an extraordinary development.

One can presume that it means EPUBs with DRM (Digital Rights Management) and…well, that and Kindle compatible books would cover it. 🙂 It might also mean PDFs…we’ll see. It’s also possible they’d publish the book without DRM, but that seems less likely to me. They do allow independent publishers using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to do that now…that would really blow the doors off if they did that!

Does this mean that an Amazon-published book will be available from Barnes & Noble online?

Maybe not. They aren’t currently carrying Amazon published paperbooks (along with quite a few other places)…but that was supposedly in protest over Amazon’s e-book exclusives.

I think it’s quite likely that Amazon publishing some biographies by one author non-exclusively is not going to make those stores reverse their position on carrying Amazon’s books.

Still, even if this is perhaps a limited experiment, it opens up a lot of possibilities…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


2 Responses to “Amazon changes the game again: will publish e-books outside the Kindle store”

  1. Deb Schmalz Says:

    Sorry if I’m bothering you but have you had a chance to figure out how I can register with the Tornado app?

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Deb!

      You aren’t bothering me at all, and I appreciate the reminder. 🙂

      I figured it might take some doing to test it and I hadn’t gotten to it until today. I’m still going to test it more before I write about it in the blog, but I can give you the basics now.

      When you download


      that’s only half the process.

      It turns your Fire into a “receiver”, but you still need to turn your desktop/laptop/netbook into a broadcaster.

      Go to on the computer that you want to have broadcast its files to your Kindle fire.

      Download the software there, and set up the account.

      That’s what will give you the server name you’ll use on your Fire.

      You can get a free account…that’s what I did.

      I’ve only begun to test it. I do like the interface, so far. It’s similar to Splashtop, in a way…that lets you run your computer from your Fire. However, this seems much faster, even if its only the files, not the applications. For example, I can get to an Excel file through Tonido, but I need to have something on my Kindle Fire that can open it to use it. With Splashtop, it’s all done on the other computer, so I don’t need an Excel app on my Fire to work with it.

      After I’ve tested it more, I’ll write it up. Thanks for suggesting it!

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