TechCrunch: “Next Generation Of E-Ink Kindle To Sport New Front-Lit Screen”

TechCrunch: “Next Generation Of E-Ink Kindle To Sport New Front-Lit Screen”

In this

TechCrunch article

Devin Coldewey claims to have seen what may be a future RSK (Reflective Screen Kindle) with a built-in lighting system.

I’m putting this in the rumor category, although it is “eye-witnessed”. I have to say, intuitively, it feels…shaky.

The basic idea, that a reflective (not backlit) could sport a lighting system isn’t unreasonable. Sony notoriously tried it, and it wasn’t popular. This sounds different: the idea is that it would have a “cool” (soft) light that would illuminate the entire screen without a big swing out light.

I can certainly imagine how that could work, and how it could be pleasant in the right circumstances.

It wouldn’t be like looking at a backlit screen (which I’m finding, remarkably, doesn’t really bother me with my Fire). You always read an RSK by light reflecting off it…this would just put the source closer than, say, your desk lamp.

I would certainly presume that it would take more battery charge, although it’s hard to say how much…that depends in part on the technology used.

You may find the article interesting…I’ll be waiting for some independent corroboration. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

5 Responses to “TechCrunch: “Next Generation Of E-Ink Kindle To Sport New Front-Lit Screen””

  1. thingsajillion Says:

    Thanks Bufo, for sharing the info!

    I find that very interesting, would love to see something like that in the future generation Kindles.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Have you seen the cover/solar charger? It has a soft light built in. I saw it today while looking at docking stations for the Kindle Fire. Hope I understood the description correctly. If I didn’t get it right, please delete this comment. I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone.
    Bufo, I too am having no problem reading on my Fire. I adjusted the brightness and since then I read almost exclusively on my Fire. I haven’t used either my Touch or Keyboard Kindles since receiving my Fire. I find no need for either one but I don’t ever read outside where the screen issue would arise. I even use my Fire while riding in the car. It’s a bit tricky getting the angle just right, but I’ve had very little problem with this. The battery could last a little longer, but I co sided that a minor issue.

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