Kindle Daily Deal: The Mongoliad

Kindle Daily Deal: The Mongoliad

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is a book I’m currently reading! What are the odds? Well, actually, to calculate that, I’d need to know which books are eligible to be the Kindle Daily Deal, which books outside of that I might be reading, and…never mind. 😉


The Mongoliad: Book One (The Foreworld Saga)

I actually borrowed it from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, so I didn’t even pay the paltry ninety-nine cents at which it is offered today. I got it at no additional cost to my $79 a year Amazon Prime membership.

Bottom line: I am enjoying it.

It’s written by a bunch of authors (including Greg Bear and Neal Stephenson), and as sometimes happens in that case, has multiple plot lines. I don’t find that confusing, though. It’s okay for authors to say, “You write the Mongol scenes, I’ll write the knights”), when those stories are in parallel. They will intersect, and that’s where it can get tricky.

So far, I like the characters, and the historical detail (which knowing the folks behind this, I presume is reasonably accurate) is fascinating. I wouldn’t have thought of Knights not on a Crusade encountering the Khan’s forces,but it makes sense.

While you might expect this to read like science fiction, that’s not really the case so far. It’s much more of a medieval tale…nothing that stretches credulity for the average reader so far. Oh, and there is actually more than one important and strong female character at this point…not always seen. Unlike some independent books I’ve read, it hasn’t had any explicit sexual content so far…although there is definitely violence, it isn’t what I call “gorenographia”.  Yes, we do hear about people being dismembered, but it isn’t described in anatomical detail.

I’d say it’s worth a try. You could get the sample…but remember, this deal is only good for today, so don’t wait too long to do the 1-click. You could also wait until next month…it may still be in the KOLL at that point.

Update: I forgot to point out that this book is published by one of Amazon’s traditional publishing imprints. Getting it is a way to…undercut the power of the tradpubs, if you want to do that. I should also mention: so far, it was impeccably proof-read. 🙂

Enjoy! I’ll write a review after I finish it.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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