Barnes & Noble has innovated some things with EBRs (E-Book Readers) and tablets in the USA.

However, one major comparison gap for them has been…well, the rest of the world*. 🙂

The Kindle 2 International was announced on October 7, 2009…nearly three years ago.

Sony (which recently released a new EBR) was international.

Well, B&N’s has just announced in this

press release

that the NOOK and NOOK Books will be available in the UK “mid-October”.

This little piece about what will be available (in terms of hardware) is intriguing:

“The first products to be available when the company begins offering its products in the UK in mid-October include Barnes & Noble’s line of critically acclaimed E Ink® Readers, NOOK Simple Touch™ and NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight™, the top-ranked eBook readers in the US.”

No tablets, and no mention of new EBRs. Of course, the new EBRs could come on quickly, but that suggests that an announcement of new reflective screen hardware may not come from B&N before October. They could release new reflective screen devices in the USA and not the UK before then.

I’m not sure how big a stand-out, trusted brand Barnes & Noble is in the UK…there are certainly homegrown bookstores, like Waterstones, that have to be part of that public trust mix in a different way than in the USA.

Will this change the perception in this Business Insider article?

Just Months After The Microsoft Investment, Barnes & Noble Is Back In The Danger Zone

I think it’s good that booklovers in the UK are getting another choice on EBRs…competition is a good thing. I’m not sure how helpful it will really be for B&N, though. I think the expanding of the e-book market is good, but I’m not sure that NOOK hardware is going to be big in their future. That’s particularly true because their partnership with Microsoft may make the Windows  8 integration with Microsoft hardware much more significant.

We’ll see, though…

What do you think? If you are in the UK, is this news you’ve been waiting to hear?

*There are parts of the world where the Kindle hasn’t really penetrated, notably much of the Middle East

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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