Amazon press conference: September 6, 10:30 AM Pacific

Amazon press conference: September 6, 10:30 AM Pacific


Amazon has scheduled a presser (press conference) for Thursday, September 6  at 10:30 AM Pacific Time…in Santa Monica, California.

Reuters via Chicago Tribune

Of course, this might have nothing to with new Kindle/tablet hardware…but, oh come on! 🙂

There’s not much reason to make people physically travel somewhere unless it’s so they can (ooh) touch new hardware. That makes you cool at the next…um…LAN party, right? 😉

Santa Monica is also an interesting choice…not East Coast. Does that suggest any sort of connection in the presentation to maybe Hollywood? Maybe…traditionally, publishing is thought of as being in New York. Doing this on the West Coast might suggest books are not going to be the centerpiece…

Needless to say, I’m very excited!

There are so many possibilities! I’m not sure what they’ll roll out all together…they might go big time and announce reflective screen Kindles (frontlit) and tablets. I don’t think we’ll hear about a phone this time. It wouldn’t surprise if they also announce European distribution of the Fire (or whatever the Fire is at that point). I would expect a lowering in price of the current Kindle Fire…perhaps even without the announcement of a new model (but I’m hoping we get both).

I’ll keep you informed…

Let’s see…how many minutes in a day? Might want to start a countdown in my head… 😉

Update: Rather than me speculating on what’s coming, I thought I’d run a poll and see what you think. 🙂 Your choices are being randomized, and you can vote for as many as you want. Don’t worry about the names I’ve suggested…I’m just not convinced that a large screen tablet would be called a Fire (but it probably would). Don’t see the choices you want? Feel free to comment on the post to add more.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

6 Responses to “Amazon press conference: September 6, 10:30 AM Pacific”

  1. D. Knight Says:

    There is one item left out of the list — a smaller Fire (iTouch size). This would be logical if they are planning to produce a phone but aren’t ready quite yet.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, D.!

      I hadn’t thought of that one…do you think there would be a market for that if it wasn’t also a phone? I think introducing an iPod touch at this point would be tough.

      I didn’t cover everything. 🙂 I perhaps should have included a color reflective screen…I have too many responses to add it now without it being unfairly skewed to the low end, but that seems possible.

      • D. Knight Says:

        I don’t think a mini-Fire: will it be called an ember? a spark? 🙂 would be a super-sonic seller, but that wouldn’t matter *if* Amazon was planning to produce a phone and *if* they weren’t ready to release the phone yet. After all, it would sell, and it would provide valuable feedback. Also, if they wanted to produce a phone next year, the production lines for the “ember” would be useful then.

        When I voted in the poll, I voted “for” 3/4G Tablet and “against” the smart phone, but now I think that doesn’t make sense. They’ll probably do both or neither since the data plan options are the real key here. Of course, if they do offer a phone, they probably won’t offer an “ember.”

        And, as long as I’m speculating wildly, let me guess that color RSKs are not going to happen in the near future, if ever. First release would be too expensive to compete with Tablets, and I believe not enough people value RSKs over backlit screens to risk offering that line (I do, but every tells me I’m “different”). In order for the price to come down, there would have to be hopes of developing a high demand, and I just don’t see that happening. I actually hope I’m wrong about this!

        Anyway, the poll was fun. Thanks!

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, D.!

        I think that releasing a piece of hardware that wasn’t a big hit would be a real marketing challenge for Amazon. At this point, they’ve been successful with their hardware (counting it as two things…reflective screen Kindles and tablets). It would challenge a perception they have right now to release a non-blockbuster.

        The poll has been interesting! While it is close, a larger screen tablet is only third…behind a frontlit reflective screen Kindle and a more fully-featured same size Fire. That doesn’t mean respondents think they wouldn’t do all three, of course, but I find that intriguing.

  2. Jackie B. Says:

    This IS exciting news. Last September, we were introduced to a whole new family of Kindles. I wouldn’t be surprised if the announcement included any one or all the above. I’ll be watching. And thanks for what you do. I refer to ILMK for all things Kindle. Oh, and thank you for the Love Your Kindle Fire update!

  3. Bailey Says:

    ‘Of course, this might have nothing to with new Kindle/tablet hardware…but, oh come on!’

    Got some more support for that theory 🙂
    I just checked over at The Kindle Chronicles, and Len Edgerly received an invitation to the press conference 🙂 He was at the last Kindle conference (or should it be konference 😉 too, so a /very/ strong indicator as to what it’ll be about.
    I’m so excited!

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