ILMK 3rd birthday check-in

ILMK 3rd birthday check-in

ILMK recently celebrated its third birthday, and I thought I’d check in with you on how it’s going.

This isn’t the first time I’ve polled you, and it does help me think about what to do. I still need to write it the way I write it, 🙂 but knowing what you like does help me focus. In addition to quality, entertainment, information, and yes, quantity matters to me, I really value diversity. I want to make sure that all of the Kindle store subscribers feel like they are getting their ninety-nine cents a month’s worth, and I figure one way to do that is to keep switching things up. If you aren’t crazy about something I do one day, hopefully you like something in the next couple of posts.

I’d appreciate your feedback on these, but as always, feel free to comment as well. If you’d like your comments kept private, please let me know in the beginning of each one.

Update: one of my regular readers and commenters, Roger Knights, suggested that I point which of these allow for multiple answers. Generally, in computers, circles will indicate only one choice, and squares will indicate multiple choices allowed.

This goes back to when some car radios had big round knobs for the preset buttons. You couldn’t push in two buttons and listen to two stations…so those circles are also called “radio buttons”.

Squares are intended to emulate the checkboxes on a paper form.

That’s pretty standard in computers, although not everybody follows the convention. 🙂

Thanks again for taking the time to answer these! I don’t want to ask too many questions, or I find that the responses drop off. If you’d rather just make a comment, or you want to address something I haven’t asked, feel free. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

7 Responses to “ILMK 3rd birthday check-in”

  1. rogerknights Says:

    Next time, mention at the top that respondents can select more than one option.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Roger!

      That’s a reasonable assumption…I tend to assume that people know that squares mean more than one choice, circles mean one choice…that’s pretty standard. It wouldn’t hurt to be explicit, though…I’ll do that next time. I think most people get it, because there are a lot more responses on the multiple choice poll questions.

      I think you can answer again, if it’s a different IP address, if that helps.

      • rogerknights Says:

        I figured it out after the first question, but the square/circle convention was new to me. It’s good to spell things out. (Usually you do.) Be guided by the motto of the US Navy: “Designed by geniuses to be operated by idiots”!

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Roger!

        I can’t be guided by that motto, because I neither think I’m a genius nor that people are idiots (unless diagnosed as such). 🙂 It’s funny, I was just speaking with somebody about the use of that second term and other similarly medical terms (moron, imbecile) yesterday. They are commonly used in a very derogatory manner, without concern for the people who are actually diagnosed that way (even though those are somewhat outdated terms, I believe).

        I often get chided for over explaining…I accept your chastisement in this case, and I’ll be careful to explain it more carefully the next time.

        I’d say squares and circles have been pretty standard for…oh, at least fifteen years or so. The circles go back to when we had a series of knobs in a car for the radio, and each one was a preset. That’s why the circles are called “radio button”…you couldn’t press in two buttons and listen to two stations. Squares emulate the checkboxes on a paper form.

        However, that doesn’t mean that everybody knows it, of course. Just as I tend to explain all of the abbreviations, you are correct that it would have been better to explain it, and I’ll try to do it that way in the future.

  2. Brian Says:

    ILMK. The reason I leave the wireless ON.

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