If you have an “extra” Kindle after tomorrow…

If you have an “extra” Kindle after tomorrow…

Tomorrow morning, at 10:30 AM Pacific, Amazon is holding a presser (press conference).

It’s possible (okay, likely) that Amazon introduces new hardware tomorrow. I think we’ll see both RSKs (Reflective Screen Kindles) and tablets (like the now sold-out Kindle Fire).

If so, I’ll be buying them…using Prime and paying for the one-day shipping, so I can write about them for you sooner. 🙂

If you also do that, and you already have a Kindle, what can you do with it (after the new one arrives…that might be some time off)?

I’m going to run through some possibilities here, and what you might want to do to prepare for it.

Keep it for yourself

If you add a tablet when you have an RSK, or vice versa, it can certainly make sense to have both. The RSK is for long form reading (especially outside, or when you won’t be able to charge your device every day), the tablet is for web/animation/apps. People also keep one as a back up, or one to lend to friends. You can certainly loan your e-books to your friends…if you are willing to lend them your Kindle. Having an extra Kindle means you can still read your books while they are borrowing. You might also want to have a Kindle to register to a second account…that’s a wonderful way to share. You don’t really need to do anything for prepare for this, although you might want to consider what the devices will be named. Two devices on the same account can’ t have the same name, and if yours is currently “Jane’s Kindle”, you might want to retain that for the new one, and change the name of the old one. You do that at


and then go to

Manage Your Devices

You might also want to look at your

Subscription Settings

but the new device will probably help you switch your subscriptions over, if you want to do that.

If the old Kindle isn’t going to be used much, consider it turning it off (rather than just sleeping it). With an RSK, hold the power button if for about five seconds until the screen goes blank.

Give it to someone else on your account

This can be a really great thing! It has to be someone you trust (they’ll be able to buy books using your payment method, although you can return them if you want). However, they get instant access to all of the books you’ve already purchased. If you have a relative/friend/other who isn’t as fortunate as you are, that’s terrific! You can also benefit, if the person to whom you give it also buys books. If they gift the books to you, they can even use their own payment method.

Again, go to MYK and look at the name of the device and subscription settings. If you have personal documents you don’t want the other person to have, and if they won’t be on the same wi-fi network or need your internet bookmarks, you might consider resetting it to factory defaults and then reregistering it. Resetting will wipe everything personal off the device, letting the person start over. On most Kindles, that’s Home – Menu – Settings – Menu – Reset to Factory Defaults. I’m not making that easy to see, because that’s a big move, and I don’t want people to do it lightly. On a Kindle Fire, it’s Settings Gear – More – Device – Reset to Factory Defaults.

Sell it/Donate it/Give it away to someone not on your account

Reset it to factory defaults. That’s important if you are giving it to someone else not on your account. It is part of your Terms of Service with Amazon that you not give away Kindle store content.

This can also be a very good thing to do. I donated a (new) Kindle recently…I looked around in my area, and found that the “Juvenile Hall” as they used to be called could use it. They actually do a poetry contest for the kids there, and give away a Kindle to the winner! How cool is that? They also do holiday gifts, and this could work for that. I really think it could change a child’s life to have a Kindle, even without an Amazon account. I’m careful to say you should check with your tax preparer, but you should be able to write off the current value (not the purchase price) of your Kindle if you donate to an appropriate non-profit.

One way to find non-profits?


I’ve used that to find non-profits before.

In my case, I particularly wanted to give it to a child, but there are lots of possibilities. For example, you might want to give it to

E-Books for Troops

Would your local library want it?

Maybe…check with them first.

One big thing: you might want to back up your Kindle first…not for books from the Kindle store, which will generally be keyed for that specific device, but for personal documents you have on it (and which you have not sent using Amazon’s Personal Document Service), for music, and so on.

Backing up is becoming less important, as things move more to the Cloud, but it’s something to consider.

Do you have other suggestions, or specific charities? Feel free to let me and my readers know by commenting on this post.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


One Response to “If you have an “extra” Kindle after tomorrow…”

  1. Edward Boyhan Says:

    I already have 3: KF, KDX, KT. Based on the announced devices (I’m writing this 2 days after the event), I will buy one more: KF HD 32GB — I’ll keep them all for now. Of the three I have, I actually use all of them albeit for different things. After I get the 4th, I’ll have to see how my usage patterns evolve.

    I do hope they improve the management of single account multiple device scenarios (as I mentioned in a prior comment) — they did do some things for parents with kids (the “time out” features).

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