Price matching Google 25: great apps for a quarter each

Price matching Google 25: great apps for a quarter each

These won’t last…Amazon is price matching Google’s 25 year celebration with some popular apps priced at a quarter.

The big one to me is

OfficeSuite Professional 6

It’s normally $14.99, and I use it often. It lets you read, edit, and create Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. I got the Pro version as a free app of the day, but don’t miss this.

Here’s the list at Google:

Google 25

I may buy some others, but I will get them from the Amazon Appstore.

Update: here are some others that stand out to me:

Note that some apps are available both in free ad-supported versions and the paid version without ads (as above). That can actually make a big difference. My understanding is that the ad-supported ones need to “phone home” through the internet to get new ads…meaning that the game may not open sometimes if you aren’t connected to wireless. There are a lot of questions about that asked in the Amazon Kindle forums.

This price matching is the kind of thing that the Agency Model prevented on e-books. As the Agency Model ends on e-books, we should start seeing some of these kinds of price matching price wars on e-books as well.

Update: thanks to reader Ana for asking me to clarify the Agency Model connection to apps. I was trying to compare and contrast…apps are not under the Agency Model, which is why Google can discount them and Amazon can match them (and vice versa in other instances, of course). For e-books under the Agency Model, the former retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and so on), can’t discount them.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


6 Responses to “Price matching Google 25: great apps for a quarter each”

  1. Ana Says:

    What does the Agency Model have to do with apps? Please, explain.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Ana!

      I could have been clearer on that, and I’ll go back and expand it…I was in a hurry to make sure people didn’t miss the deals.

      My point was that Amazon can price match on apps, and that results in price wars. Under the Agency Model, neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble can discount the price of an e-book, so a price matching price war doesn’t happen on e-books. With the end of the Agency Model, we should see discounts like this happen on e-books as well.

  2. jjhitt Says:

    Look like it’s already over. Or is there something special you have to do to get the price matching?

  3. jjhitt Says:

    Um… I retract that … just not easy to find.

  4. Edward Boyhan Says:

    The link you provided for OfficeSuite Professional goes to Amazon: price $14.99. Going to Google app store price for app is the same. There are 13 apps on the Google25 list none of them is OfficeSuite Pro. All I can find at either store is OfficeSuite Pro for $14.99.

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