In honor of Banned Books week: famous books for $0.99 each

In honor of Banned Books week: famous books for $0.99 each

Thanks to “Emily Bronte” in the Amazon Kindle forum for the heads-up on this!

In honor of this year’s Banned Books week (which is September 30 through October 6), a number of books from Open Road Media whcih have been challenged or banned are $0.99 each.

This is a great opportunity to get these books at a reduced price!

As always, check the price before buying…it could be different in your country, and I don’t know when the sale will end.

After adding these, I noticed many of them were digitally list-priced at $14.99. Open Road had not been part of the Agency Model, and has not blocked text-to-speech to my knowledge.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


11 Responses to “In honor of Banned Books week: famous books for $0.99 each”

  1. larry james Says:

    Can you help me –

    I can send a document from my computer by “printing” to Kindle, but it shows up in Documents as a read only document. Is there a way to send a document from my computer to my Kindle as an interactive document, one I can edit, add something to, etc.
    Larry. (Long time, and everyday reader)

  2. larry james Says:

    A question from me personally, or a suggestion for a general article:

    As an owner of the first Kindle Fire since the first day they were available – is there enough changes/improvements in the new HD to make me want to upgrade?


    I’ve had a Kindle 2 and a Keyboard

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Larry!

      There are quite a few changes, but whether it is worth it or not to you is beyond my ken. 🙂 It’s a good idea for a post, and I’ll consider it…thanks!

      Here are some factors which I think might sway someone to make the switch:

      * Text-to-speech with Kindle store books…that would be worth it to me by itself

      * Bluetooth: while there has been some glitchiness with Bluetooth keyboards and the KFHD, I think that will be resolved. In my case, when that is worked out, it will mean that I can stop using a netbook…a considerable advantage

      * The camera: I have used it for pictures, and am looking forward to using it for video calling

      * The sound is a quantum leap forward…if that’s important to you, that’s significant

      * The screen is better

      * The improved e-mail and a built-in calendar app (which both work with Google) could be enough for some folks

      * The lack of Flash in the browser (which, as I understand it, comes from Adobe no longer supporting Flash for mobile browsers, but I haven’t verified could be a negative, but I use Maxthon which seems to handle most videos. I think sites hosting videos will work around that

      * Twice the onboard memory…that hasn’t really been an issue for me, though

      Hope that helps…

  3. Helen Burns Says:

    I haven’t seen a new post on pulse since 9/29. Either you are on vacation or there’s a problem?

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Helen!

      That would be a problem with Pulse. I think I’ve posted five times since then. Even when I’m on vacation, I write ahead…I’ve rarely gone 48 hours without a post.

      Three things to try:

      First, try refreshing Pulse. Use the menu button (horizontal lines in a box), and choose “Refresh All”.

      If that doesn’t do it, restart your Kindle (I’m assuming you have a Kindle Fire, since you are reading Pulse). Unplug it, then hold in the power button for a full thirty seconds (longer is okay).

      Third, try “Force Stopping” Pulse:

      Settings Gear – More – Applications

      You may have to switch to

      All Applications


      Running Applications

      Find Pulse, tap it, and you’ll see a choice to force stop.

      If that doesn’t do it, post again. 🙂 I’m glad you are anxious to get the posts!

      • Helen Burns Says:

        This is weird. No new article since the one on banned books week but I can see all the replies to the story. Other websites are updated and I did all you suggested. And yes I do look forward to your articles!

  4. jlof Says:

    I also have not received an update on the I love my kindle pulse account since Sept 29. I have tried all of your sugggestions but to no avail. My kindle fire is the original model not the latest one. I have received updates on my kindle 2 however. Any other things I can try? Thanks.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, jlof!

      There’s clearly something weird happening, and I’ve got to ask Pulse about it.

      The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is still going out…it’s updated at my Amazon Author Central page appropriately. That makes it seem like it isn’t WordPress’ fault. I cleared my whole thing at Pulse, started it over…and it still stops at that Banned Books post. However, other Pulse feeds are from as recent as 10/5.

      I’ll see what I can find out…

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Just to update this, I’ve written to Pulse, but haven’t heard anything yet.

        I’m investigating alternatives…I’ll let you know.

      • jlof Says:


        As I mentioned I have received your updates on my kindle 2 which I continue to use while on a road trip. The kindle fire (first edition) has not updated since the banned book post.

        Just wanted keep you informed in case that would help with the resolution of the pulse problem.


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