You can manage Kindle FreeTime centrally at MYK

You can manage Kindle FreeTime centrally at MYK

This is interesting!

In a recent update to the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire 7″ SD (2nd generation Kindle Fire), we got an app called FreeTime.

It allows you to set up profiles for your children (or anybody, really), and control which specific books, apps, and videos are available to that profile.

Well, at the

page, I noticed there is a new category for

Kindle FreeTime Settings

From there, you can create profiles, give them names, enter genders, pick their avatars, and change the birthdates. You can also delete them.

More interestingly, though, is what happens when you go to a book, or video, or app.

You can add it right from there to one of the profiles!

This suggests that, if the profile holder moved from device to device, you wouldn’t have to recreate the “whitelists”.

It also means you can manage the content without having to hold on to the device for a while (which might be annoying, if your child was anxious to use it).

It is, however, perhaps easier to add content from the Kindle Fire, since you can just check boxes. Here, you have the advantage of search, but it takes a few steps to add each individual item. On the plus side, though, you don’t have to keep entering your password as much.

It would take just a little bit of tweaking to have this mean online management of our libraries.

First, we’d have to be able to create profiles without passwords required on the devices to make this more convenient.

Second, they have to drop that demographic information in the profile! I don’t like putting in a gender and birthdate now.

Third, they could give us a “select and act” option in MYK (Manage Your Kindle). We could have that now, for some things. For example, for people who delete things from their archives (I don’t), I think that could be handled in that fashion. It would be trickier to mass send books, because it would tend to overwhelm a Kindle (in part, because of the indexing it has to do).

You could create different profiles for different devices, if you wanted. You could log into a profile on a given device…although that might cause it to download a lot of things if they aren’t on the Kindle. They could do it so that the items are just available for download if they aren’t already on the device.

This might not work as well with apps, though, which are device type specific.

I think this suggests some really powerful tools coming our way! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was connected (at least in terms of development) with Whispercast.

If you have two Kindle Fires with FreeTime on them and can test out whether or not it asks you which Kindle should have a given book, I’d really appreciate it. I’m thinking it doesn’t, but it would be nice to test. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


4 Responses to “You can manage Kindle FreeTime centrally at MYK”

  1. Edward Boyhan Says:

    So, while I don’t have any kids, I wonder if I couldn’t adapt “profiles” to be a kind of supra device independent collection manageable from the web page side???

    I hope you are right — we sure could use some kindle administration improvements

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      Yes, with the current significant limitation of only up to six of them (that’s the profile limit on FreeTime).

      However, you could certainly use it for a TBR (To Be Read) Collection, for example.

  2. George Lug Says:

    Bufo, I kind of get the impression that perhaps something like free time could be used to create “collections” for our books on the Kindle Fire. Sure, it would be cumbersome but who knows, it may have more value than what meets the eye. Thanks

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, George!

      Yes, that’s right…it’s a bit clunky, and you can only have up to six of them (since you can only have profiles), but I’ve mentioned the possibility a couple of times. They could certainly use similar technology to make a robust Collections feature.

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