Round up #132: £99.00 KFSD in the UK, wireless photo display on TV from the Fire

Round up #132: £99.00 KFSD in the UK, wireless photo display on TV from the Fire

The ILMK Round ups are short pieces which may or may not be expanded later.

Presto! Pictures on your TV…wirelessly

A couple of times recently, we’ve gotten e-mails from relatives that have pictures as attachments.

I tend to be checking my e-mail more often than my Significant Other, and sometimes we are both in the family room and I’d like to share the picture.

Well, it’s a little awkward to hand the Kindle Fire across the ottoman.

I’ve been very pleased recently with using

Juice for Roku

That’s an app which currently costs $2.99 in the Amazon Appstore. You also have to have a Roku for this to work. You can get this one right now:

Roku HD Streaming Player

for a very low $39.99. That’s $20 off, and Amazon is giving a $5 credit for Amazon Instant Video purchases. That deal is only good through Monday, and I only know it works in the USA.

The Roku is good for a lot of things, but here”s how the picture thing works.

I installed the free Juice channel on my Roku (like everything else on the Roku, that’s easy).

Then I get an e-mail with an attachment. I open the attachment in the included e-mail app on my Fire, and it asks me if I want to open it with Juice (along with some other options). I have the Juice channel up on the TV, and that’s it…the picture displays very nicely on the TV! We can both see the picture in detail, which is very convenient.

If the case fits…

My Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless 32GB still isn’t shown as shipping, and is expected on Monday.

I did buy a cheap case (currently $10.23) for it, though, and that got here today.

CaseCrown Ridge Standby Case (Purple) for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inch (Built-in magnet for sleep / wake feature)

Obviously, I can’t really test it out yet, but I did try one thing. I’ve mentioned before that I wear a photojournalist’s vest when I’m not at work…and think of it like Doc Savage’s “utility vest” (which preceded Batman’s “utility belt”).

I tested it out: the case fits inside the pocket where I normally carry my Kindle! That’s great! It was a tight fit, but that is certainly the easiest way for me to carry it around.

“New and Similar to “Dawn (Xenogenesis Trilogy)” by Octavia E. Butler”

I got an interesting marketing e-mail from Amazon today with the above subject line. It was telling me that

Mannheim Rex

by Robert Pobi (and published by Amazon’s traditional publishing imprint Thomas & Mercer) was similar to Octavia E. Butler’s

Dawn (Xenogenesis Trilogy)

which I had purchased previously.

That intrigues me! What makes it similar? How do they know? It seems weird to me that it would be published by Thomas & Mercer (thrillers and mysteries) rather than 47North (science fiction and fantasy).

“Similarity” is definitely a tricky thing in marketing. They didn’t tell me that “people who bought also bought” which can presumably be done through autonomous software pattern checking. Does software determine what is similar for them? It could, but this is probably a human’s judgement.

Cyber Monday Kindle e-book savings

In this

press release

Amazon teases their Cyber Monday sales (this Monday, 11/26, is “Cyber Monday”. That’s the Monday after Black Friday ((which is in turn the Friday after Thanksgiving)). The old idea was that people waited until they got back to their office’s high-speed internet to shop online. While that’s probably not true any more, the tradition continues.

One thing they say the’ll have is

“…80% off thousands of Kindle books”

It will be interesting to see which ones those are…

Kindle Fire SD is thirty pounds off through Monday at

In a Black Friday deal for, the Kindle Fire SD (Standard Defition…also know in the USA as the Kindle Fire 2nd Generation) is only £99.00, which is a £30 savings.

That’s quite a deal! They haven’t done that in the USA, although it’s possible they’ll do something on Cyber Monday (not likely, though, I think…we’ll see).

KFSD in the UK

TV or not TV? That is the question…

I mentioned hooking up my Kindle Fire HD to our TV, and having the image look a bit “muddy”. I played with the setting on the TV, and got it to look a lot better! I turned down the color saturation, and set a lot of things to the middle value. It was entirely watchable that way, although not as sharp and fluid as the  TV’s normal high definition programming. I want to try it with more videos…I may not have been using a high-definition video as a test.

These were mostly from my personal experiences…found anything cool on your Kindle (Fire or reflective screen) you’d like to share with my readers? You can do by commenting on this post.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

4 Responses to “Round up #132: £99.00 KFSD in the UK, wireless photo display on TV from the Fire”

  1. Edward Boyhan Says:

    I got the $55 Standing Leather case for my KF89:
    This case snaps onto the KF89. The flap can be turned back to form a landscape mode kickstand. The flap is also magnetic so when closed, it doesn’t move around. Also the magnetic closure automatically puts your KF89 to sleep when you close it, and wakes it up when you open it — very cool (if a bit expensive) 😀 .

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      See? I save money by not using leather. 😉

      My case is also supposed to have that auto sleep feature, and I’m looking forward to trying it tomorrow.

      One thing I liked about this design is that it has three angles for landscape viewing, and I should be able to use it while plugged in on the arm of the sofa. 🙂 My 7″ Kindle Fire case doesn’t really work for that…it’s landscape position doesn’t work when it is plugged in.

  2. Edward Boyhan Says:

    I have two Samsung Smart Tvs hanging on my walls. For business reasons Samsung does not provide an app to play Amazon instant videos (they used to a few years back, but no more). Not to worry Roku streams Amazon video to my Samsung TVs flawlessly.

    There are a couple of threads over in the community forums about KF2TV issues. Some discussion about HDMI cables, but that is a non-issue: HDMI either works, or you get nothing — there’s no concept of degraded video in HD. OTOH (as you mentioned), the resolution of the source material versus the resolution of a KFHD (1280×800) versus the resolution of your TV (if it’s full HD it will be 1920×1080) can matter — a lot. There may be some down/up conversion going on. Since the resolution of the KF89 (1920×1200) is better than full HD, artifacts should be less. I have not connected my KF89 to a TV, but I have used it to watch a full HD Mad Men episode I bought, and some YouTube roller skating videos via the silk browser. The Mad Men episode was superb, and the YouTube videos were good (subject to whatever resolution they were made at). Silk seems much improved: faster, and no jerkiness when playing videos.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      After having played with the settings on my TV, HDMI video from my KF 7″ now looks much better, certainly tolerable. I still need to experiment more with different video sources.

      I did something else interesting. I’ve mentioned

      I used

      to download a YouTube video. When I opened it from the folder, I used Juice to put it on the TV to show it to my Significant Other (it’s a really fascinating Disney audioanimatron that can play catch with people), and it looked great. The sharpness looked just fine. That wasn’t on our HD TV, by the way, but I was impressed.

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