Still need a gift?

Still need a gift? 

It’s still possible to get gifts by Tuesday if you use two-day delivery, but you are running out of time. Of course, if you have Prime, you can get that two-day at no additional cost.

My guess is that a lot of people have been waiting, and that retailers will figure that out next year. I think a number of online retailers are overly concerned about under performance year over year, because shoppers are waiting longer to purchase.

When we get down to same day delivery (which appears to be coming), it will be much harder for retailers to gauge when to discount and how much to do.

I thought I’d throw a few things in here that I’ve noticed, and that are eligible for Prime. Don’t forget to check the estimated delivery date, because it can easily change (especially if they go out of stock). Also please check the price, since that can change at any time. I would also guess you’d only be able to get these within the USA.

One other thing: I’m not endorsing all of these. In some cases, I’ve never used it, but it just looked cool. 🙂

Kindle Fire HD 7″

BookArmor Shield Case Custom Fit for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″
$32 at time of writing

This was in a hard, heavy duty case with a washable cover. I think this might be a good bet for a kid, or for someone who does rugged traveling. Note that it weighs more than a pound…

Kindle Fire 1st Gen

BUILT Kindle FIRE (first generation) Neoprene Twist Sleeve, Robot Uprising, Gray

This actually comes in several bold, funky designs.

Grace Digital MatchStick (GDI-GFD7200) Charging Speaker Dock for Kindle Fire – Portrait and Landscape Modes
$99 at time of writing

Charge your Kindle Fire, and have speakers. The speakers can also run for up to six hours (party in the park!) on battery power, with the battery sold separately.

Any Kindle with audio

Marware UpSurge Rechargable Mini Speaker for Kindle Fire
$24.99 at time of writing

Up to five hours on a charge (not a Bluetooth speaker), this one has great reviews.

Audio-Technica ATHM50S Professional Monitor Headphones
$129.99 at time of writing

High quality, luxury Bluetooth headphones. Very well reviewed.

All Kindle Fires…with kids

GreatShield Chalkee Kids Stylus for Kindle Fire (all models), Blue
$24.99 at time of writing

This is a big, sort of crayon styled stylus, extra sturdy, designed for kids (but kidlike adults might like it)

Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Touch

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Plus Waterproof Case with Padding for Kindle Touch , Kindle Paperwhite (Blue)
$19.99 at time of writing

Read at the beach, read in the bathtub, or at the swim meet? This is a waterproof case (also good if you get caught in the rain).

Nonlit Kindles

Kandle by Ozeri LED Book Light in White — Designed for the Amazon Kindle (1st and latest generation), Sony Reader and other eBook readers.
$14.95 at time of writing

I used this one with my older Kindles. It’s a decent booklight, which will give you pretty even lighting Without a long-neck profile.

There are a few ideas…don’t worry, you have plenty of time. 😉 Again, check the delivery, but I think you’ll get it by late on Monday if you order these by noon on Friday. Double-check, though…

If you have any other ideas, or have used any of these and have a comment, feel free to let me and my readers know by commenting on this post.

Update: here are two I forgot to mention…and one has free 1-day shipping right now!

Roku HD Streaming Player
$49.99 at time of writing, with $5 Amazon Instant Video credit

Is this box, which puts internet content on your TV, really for Kindle owners? Yes, absolutely! Well, certainly for those who own Kindle Fire. It will show your Amazon Instant Videos on your TV…and it matches your place on your Fire. That means you can watch part of a movie in the car (with someone else driving, of course), and then continue watching it on your bigger screen. Also, with Juice for Roku, you can “throw” pictures and video from your Kindle Fire to your TV! I use that to show my Significant Other pictures we get in e-mail, for example. There are several varieties of Roku, and you can see the comparison on the page for this one. A Roku has a lot of value outside of its use with your Kindle. One of the biggest values, though, is that it is very simple to set up and use (if you have a wi-fi network in your home in particular).

I hadn’t listed something specifically for the 8.9″ Kindle Fire, and I really like my Bluetooth keyboard (not the below brand), so

Poetic KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Black (Support Auto Sleep/Wake Function)(3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)
$29.95 at time of writing

This is a detachable, Bluetooth keyboard…and a cover. I’m not crazy about the cover I have now, and I would consider this if I didn’t already have a keyboard. This is a physical keyboard, which I still find necessary for composing something somewhat lengthy (although I do really like the Swype keyboard, which is now on some Kindle Fires).

One other thing: a regular reader and commenter, Zebras, mentioned gifting a Kindle book. I’ll write about those options in a separate post (you’ve got days before you have to act on that). 😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


One Response to “Still need a gift?”

  1. Zebras Says:

    Don’t forget the ability to email a kindle book gift!

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