Really last minute gifts: e-books and gift cards

Really last minute gifts: e-books and gift cards

While it still may be possible to get physical goods from Amazon by Tuesday, you don’t really need to worry about that.

With e-books and gift cards, you only need about ten minutes lead time to give a great gift.

Let’s talk about gifting Kindle books first.

The person getting the gift does not have to have a Kindle…they can read the book on a free Kindle reading app.

If they already have that book, they can contact Kindle Support (it’s easy) and get a credit for the amount you paid for the book.

Here’s a really key thing: you do not need to know their e-mail address, and you can print out the information about your gift and wrap it for them. What happens is that you select the option to have your gift information sent to you, instead of to them.

When you do, you’ll get an e-mail like this within in about five minutes:


You can then print that out and wrap it, or forward it if you’d rather.

You can also delay when a gift is delivered, but you can only pick a day, not a time, I believe. That would work well on a birthday when you aren’t going to be there, but might not work on an occasion when you are in a group giving gifts (since the person might get the e-mail first.

For more information:

Giving and Receiving Kindle Book Gifts

If you don’t know what book to get, or want to give the person to option to get just about anything they want, 😉 you can give an Amazon gift card.

There are so many options! Gift Cards

This year, I like that you can do animated JibJab gift cards. You can upload your picture (or maybe that of your dog, or whatever you want), and they’ll turn it into a dancing card.

You can do physical cards (they are doing free 1-day shipping on cards that came in a gift box). You can do it digitally, and then you can go as low as fifteen cents (you can even do that with a card you can print at home).

You can buy multi-packs: great for office gifts (these go as low as $10 apiece, and as few as three cards).

You can compare the options here:

Compare Gift Cards

Your recipient applies it to their account, and 1-click draws from a gift card balance before going to the specified payment method (usually a debit/credit card).

Is somebody getting a Kindle? This is a great way to supplement the gift and get them started.

Yes, even up to about ten minutes before you give a gift (which might happen when a new Significant Other or unexpected relative appears), you can do it right. After all, good things are given by those who wait. 😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

6 Responses to “Really last minute gifts: e-books and gift cards”

  1. Pam Says:

    OK, what if I want to give an ebook to my S/O who has a hand me down iPad from me that has my Kindle app on it (he shares my acct). If I send it to his email, can he download it to that (my) Kindle app? Thanks!

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Pam!

      If he is able to access your account, sure. The e-mail with the gift doesn’t specify account.

  2. Karin Says:

    Thank you so much for posting A Christmas Carol again. I enjoyed it just as much this time around.

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