Thanks for your patience: last chance on 3 free books!

Thanks for your patience: last chance on 3 free books!

Regular readers might have been expecting this, although I’m not going to do it every time I go away. 🙂

I’ve been away for a few days, and although I wrote ahead so you’d still get a post every day (and believe, me that’s not easy), I appreciate you being patient if my responses have been a bit slower. I really make an effort to respond to questions and most comments made to this blog in a timely manner, and think I typically do a pretty good job.

So, to make up for my absence, I am going to make a couple of my books free. 🙂

There is a bit of a twist this time.

I’ve decided to pull some books from the Kindle store.

Now, you might reasonably wonder why that it is. It seems like it would make sense to just always keep every book available there…after all, I’m not having to store the copies somewhere. Amazon just fills the order digitally.

I sort of figure any book I ever see in the Kindle store will be there forever, even though I know from personal experience that isn’t true.

In this case, the three books have become outdated. That’s an issue with writing guidebooks to technology…it changes, and it can be more work to update something than it is to do something new.

So, what I did a while ago was combine the three books into one volume, which I could offer for ninety-nine cents.

That volume hasn’t been a big hit, but keeping that one there keeps the books “in print”, so to speak.

The other ones? The individual books?

I could just leave them…but why have a ninety-nine cent version and three things that are the same for $2.97?

More importantly, I get returns on my first book, the one about free book for you Kindle.

Now, that’s always been true. I think people have gotten it, got the information out of it, and then taken advantage of Amazon’s generous seven-day “return” policy* on Kindle books.

I suspect, now, that some of them are being returned because they are unsatisfactory.

I don’t like that. 🙂

Therefore, this will be the last hurrah! It’s your last chance (for the foreseeable future) to get those three books as individual volumes…and it won’t cost you anything.

It’s honestly hard for me to do this…I am still getting some sales and borrows from them, and it feels…almost disrespectful to them. 🙂 I know that’s silly, though. I’m keeping the door open: I could put them back on sale at some point.

Oh, and if you download one and then I pull it from the store (which is the plan), you can still download it from your archives to new devices: my pulling it doesn’t affect that.

Please check that the book is free before you download it. To make it easier for my international readers, I’m making the free period go for two days (Sunday, 28/4 and Monday 29/4).  However, that depends on Amazon doing it, and you might see this after that point.

One other thing before I give you the links. 🙂 I know some of you might be worried about downloading free books, because of Amazon’s change in the policy on that.

I don’t think I’ll have 20,000 downloads this month, so I think I’m safe. 🙂

For more information on that, see my post in The Writers’ Guide to E-Publishing, Not so freely free: Amazon’s 20K/80% vision.

Here are the books:

Free Books for Your Kindle

This was the first book I published in the Kindle store, way back on March 11, 2008! It does still show you how to get free books, but I’m sure some of it is obsolete, and it doesn’t have all of the current options.

Frequently Asked Kindle Questions (June 20th, 2009)

Again, the issue here is that much of the information has changed. There are still some general conceptual things that are worthwhile.

ILMK! (I Love My Kindle!): Being an Appreciation of Amazon’s E-Book Reader, with Tips, Explanations, and Humor (Revised Edition) (May 30th, 2009)

This one has a lot of fun stuff in it, including The Happy Little Bookworm.

Well, I have to admit…I’m having second thoughts already, and this won’t even post for a week. 🙂 I think it’s the right thing to do, though, and I do want to show my appreciation to you.

If you are interested in getting the three in one version for ninety-nine cents (or borrowing it from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library), that’s here: The Kindle Kollection: Three Early Books about the Kindle.


* You can “return” any Kindle store book within seven days of purchase for a refund. That’s one of the reasons I recommend the Kindle over other devices: last time I checked, neither Barnes & Noble nor Sony allowed returns of e-books at any time for any reason. You can even do the return yourself, by going to Find the book there, then click or tap “Actions…” If you are within seven days of purchase, you’ll see the option to return it.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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