Round up #176: free Superman comic, NOOK loses PC & Mac apps

Round up #176: free Superman comic, NOOK loses PC & Mac apps

The ILMK Round ups are short pieces which may or may not be expanded later.

NOOK loses PC & Mac apps

Thanks to “Mooncat” in the Amazon Kindle forum for the heads up on this

TeleRead article

which I have confirmed.


Barnes & Noble page for NOOK apps

no longer lists apps for Windows (except Windows 8) or Macs.

Their free apps are now:

  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • NOOK Kids for iPad
  • Windows 8 Tablet
  • iPhone (&iPod touch)
  • Android SmartPhones
  • Windows 8 PC
  • NOOK for Web

Compare that to

Amazon’s free Kindle reading apps:

  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • Windows 8 Tablet
  • iPhone (& iPod touch)
  • Android SmartPhones
  • Windows 8 PC
  • Kindle Cloud Reader
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Mac
  • Windows 7, XP, & Vista

This is one of those things where you just want to say, “You did what now?” 😉

It seems like a weird move, especially with Microsoft having put all the money into the NOOK line that it has. Why no Windows phone? Why drop support for the kinds of Windows PCs that are typically running in schools and businesses (I’m guessing most of those haven’t gone to Windows 8 yet)?

It’s just one of those odd moves. Okay, sure, there may be Customer Service costs connected with them, but it may not be much. You’ve moved away from institutional support, which is one place where the money is. Yes, they could use the NOOK for Web support (similar to the Kindle Cloud Reader), but that’s really not the same.

Maybe this is preparatory for some move by Microsoft that provides some alternative to the NOOK reader?

Get a free digital Superman comic by signing up for an Amazon newsletter

With Man of Steel opening June 14th, and getting some buzz, Amazon is giving away the digital version of the recent Superman comic reboot:

Sign Up for the Amazon Comics Newsletter and Get a Free Digital Comic

Actually, DC rebooted a bunch of things with the “New 52”. You can see the details on this deal above, but it goes through July 21st and is just for first time subscribers to the Amazon Delivers Comics newsletter.

Honestly, I have serious doubts about the movie, but as always, hope it’s good. 🙂

For those of you not familiar with modern comics, this one, by George Pérez, is not really written for younger children.

Oh, and while this will look better on a Fire (partially due to the color), it’s not limited to the tablets. It’s available for these devices:

  • Kindle (what I call the “Mindle”)
  • Kindle Touch
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Fire
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Cloud Reader
  • Kindle for Windows 8
  • Kindle Keyboard
  • Kindle for iPad
  • Kindle for Android


No more recently delivered list at MYK

We used to be able to go to

and see which items went to which Kindles recently. That appears to have been removed. That will complicate things for some people with many people on their account…and there is no limit to the number of devices which can be registered to an account.

I’m thinking this might be because of


which is Amazon’s relatively new way to manage multiple Kindles. I still intend to sign up for it myself at some point to test it out. They just may be trying to migrate people to that service.

“The Princess has stopped.”

I see (and answer) a lot of the same questions, over and over again, in the Kindle forums. I don’t mind that: I know that even though I’ve seen it a thousand times, the person wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t new to them.

However, it is still fun when I see something that is new to me. 😉

In this

Amazon Kindle forum thread

a poster reported (and even provided a link to) an error message on a Kindle Fire that said

The Princess has stopped.

Somehow, that just seems like a great line…like something destined to become an internet meme. 😉

You could use it when someone complains about something having been taken away from them. It would suggest that providing it was a sort of gift from royalty, and that gift has now ended.

Complaint: “Barnes & Noble took away the NOOK for Mac app!”

Response: “The Princess has stopped.”

Complaint: “I can’t see which device got which Kindle book any more!”

Response: “The Princess has stopped.”


I suggested it might be an app that has failed…the poster doesn’t have the situation resolved at the time of writing.

Kindle hardware now available through Amazon in China

This is a huge (although not unanticipated) move by Amazon!

Kindle hardware (both RSKs…Reflective Screen Kindles, and Fires) are available through

I think the key thing here is the presence of the RSKs. There are certainly competitors for tablets in China, and there are EBRs (E-Book Readers), but the Paperwhite may be able to really grab some marketshare.

There are 1,322 reviews for the Paperwhite at the time of writing, with an average of 4.7 out of 5.

It’s interesting to read those reviews, although using Google translate can be challenging. They do seem to be generally positive.

The price is ¥ 849.00…about $138.47 at time of writing.

The Kindle Fire HD is ¥ 1499.00…about $244.48.

It didn’t look to me like they had videos, but they had apps, including local apps…there has already been an appstore there.

We’ll see how this goes, but this could be a nice influx of cash (if not profit) for Amazon, which could help Kindle development around the world. It could also mean more Chinese language books in the USA Kindle store, although that doesn’t seem to me to have followed directly with other international expansions.

Three characters walk into a plot…

It’s the second Saturday of the month, and that’s when my post appears in

The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing

a blog specifically for authors.

This time, my post is

Three characters walk into a plot

about using public domain characters in Kindle Worlds works (and I describe three particular ones as examples). Even if you aren’t an author, I think you might enjoy that one. 🙂 There has been a bit of a roiling response in comments over the licensing agreement, and whether or not fanfic authors need be concerned about rightsholders coming after them if they put up free unauthorized works involving copyrighted characters.

Well, I like the mix of stories in today’s round-up! If you have any comments (roiling or not), 😉  feel free to let me and my readers know by commenting on this post.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

4 Responses to “Round up #176: free Superman comic, NOOK loses PC & Mac apps”

  1. Ana Says:

    B&N suggests to use Nook Study. It is available for PC and Mac. How much longer Nook Study will be supported is unknown. Here is the official link:

  2. Lady Galaxy Says:

    Just so long as “The Princess has stopped” doesn’t replace “Shaka, when the walls fell.”

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!

      Well, I don’t think that’s really the Beast at Tanagra…they have different meanings. 😉 “The Princess has stopped” connotes to me someone stopping providing something…”Shaka” has more to do with failure.

  3. payce2 Says:

    I will follow closely to see your reports when you sign up for Whispercast. I am already missing the ability to see which items were sent to which Kindle. I too have thought that the solution would be to sign up for Whispercast, but when I read any of the support information I am left with the impression that Amazon intends this for schools and organizations, not individuals.

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