Is your Kindle up to date?

Is your Kindle up to date?

Amazon pretty frequently updates Kindles…sometimes even ones which are no longer available new from them.

Generally, most Kindles will update themselves automatically, if you have a connection to the Amazon servers (although it may require wi-fi on dual access devices, I believe).

However, I know that, sometimes, people miss an update. I think it could happen if you are downloading an update and the download gets interrupted. That might leave a partial file on the device: not enough to do the update, but enough to convince your device that it doesn’t need to download the new one. That’s just a hypothesis, though.

So, I thought I’d take a look at

and let you know what the current versions are (and how to check to see what you already have).

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ = 8.4.6

How to check: Home – Swipe down from the top – More – Device – About

Kindle Fire HD 7″ = 7.4.6

How to check: Home – Swipe down from the top – More – Device – About

Kindle Fire 2nd Generation = 10.4.6

How to check: Home – Swipe down from the top – More – Device – About

Kindle Fire 1st Generation = 6.3.2

How to check: Settings Gear – More – Device

Kindle Paperwhite = 5.3.6

How to check: Home – Menu – Settings – Menu – Device Info

Kindle (“Mindle”) = 4.1.1

How to check: Home – Menu – Settings – look at the bottom of your screen

Kindle Touch = 5.3.7

How to check: Home – Menu – Settings – Menu – Device Info

Kindle Keyboard (AKA Kindle 3) = 3.4

How to check: Home – Menu – Settings – look at the bottom of your screen

Kindle DX and Kindle 2 = 2.5

How to check: Home – Menu – Settings – look at the bottom of your screen

Kindle 1st Generation = 1.2

How to check: Home – Settings – look at the bottom of your screen

Well, I have to say…Amazon doesn’t make the version numbers very obvious on the free Kindle reading apps! These are what I could find:

Kindle for PC = 1.10.5

How to check: Help – About  Kindle

Update on Kindle for PC: A reader, Barbara Berry, reports having 1.10.6 with an update date of 6/15/13.  My last update was January 11, 2013. Thanks, Barbara!

Kindle for Mac = 1.10.5

Kindle for Android = 4.2

How to check: Home – Menu – Info -About

Kindle for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch = 3.9.1

Kindle for Windows Phone 7 = unknown

Kindle for Windows 8 = 2.0.1

Kindle for Blackberry = 1.0


In doing this, I noticed a few interesting things.

First, based on the standard Amazon versioning system (the first number is the model, the second number is a major update most likely with new features, the third number is a “bug fix”), the Kindle Paperwhite really is the new version of the Kindle Touch (both start with 5s).

Second, the Kindle hardware that got major updates the most were the Kindle DXs and Kindle 2s (those are really two variations of the same thing, based on the software) with five major revisions.  The least was not the very first Kindle, but the Mindle.

Third, Amazon lists the iPad version and the iPhone/iPod touch version as two different things…but at the Apple Appstore, it’s the same download.

I think we may see some major new features before the end of the year (perhaps more impressive than hardware changes), but I hope this helps a bit.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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10 Responses to “Is your Kindle up to date?”

  1. Barbara Berry Says:

    I just checked by Kindle for PC app and my version is 1.10.6 with an update date of 6/15/13.

  2. liz Says:

    Thanks for posting that! Now I know why my two Mindles have different menu structures – my first one has version 4.0.1 with the option to turn off wireless on the initial menu pulldown, while my second (the Portakindle) has 4.1.1, and I have to dig around a bit before I can turn wireless off.

    Annoying that the one I carry with me all the time (Portakindle, natch) is the one that’s the hardest to turn off the wireless, and the one that stays by the tub (Baby Kindle) is the one on which I don’t need to turn wireless off. Well, unless I forgot to charge it, and it’s time for a long soaking read … 🙂 Amazing how long it will allow me to read after having given me a warning about low battery – yep, I’ve tested that a few times!

    (Fun fact: I named Portakindle from Portacello, the portable cello for cello players on the go.)

  3. sunny/sunshine Says:

    Thank You much for this info, I have the Kindle 2, that I take EVERYWHERE with me 3G !! I missed a couple of up dates with it. Just checked it and it’s 2.5.8, good I guess. Then. I have the Kindle Fire HD 7″, can’t take that everywhere no G’S but I love it. I’am a Kindle Girl. LOVE YOUR BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of info, thanks for it.

  4. Zebras Says:

    My Touch says, so I guess I’m a little behind on the small updates.

    When did the Mindle start having the screensaver change itself, even when you don’t turn it on and off? I’ve been using my Touch mostly lately, and my Mindle has a different screensaver, when I see it on my bedside table every night.

  5. Joe Bowers Says:

    Hello, Bufo Calvin,
    I checked my 3 devices, and found that my Kindle Fire HD 7″ is at 7.4.3, not 7.4.6. I left the wi-fi on for a while, and nothing changed. Is there a reason that you know why I would not have received the latest “bug fixes,” and, is there some way for me to “force” it to update? (Sorry I’m a day late, and if this has been answered elsewhere.)
    Thanks for your help.


    I heard that tomorrow will too late to manage my kindle ‘s files if not
    Updated.I got my kindle in 12/12. Please help me know. If I have to update. My Email is [removed for safety].

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