ILMK Reader Hero #2: Tyler Weaver

ILMK Reader Hero #2: Tyler Weaver

Readers make the world a better place. The I Love My Kindle blog recognizes those extraordinary few who make heroic efforts to expand their minds, their hearts, and their perspectives by engaging with the world’s culture through the experience of literature.

They are our Reader Heroes.

Reader Hero #2: Tyler Weaver

Nine-year old Tyler Weaver read 63 books this summer to win an annual contest held by the Hudson Falls Public Library in New York.

This is Tyler’s 5th year in a row winning…which means that Tyler was four-years old for that first win.

Contestants are actually tested on the books, to be sure they have read them…and Tyler has met all of the requirements.

Congratulations to Tyler!

We also commend Tyler’s parent, Katie: younger sibling Jonathan is another frequent reader. Between them, they have borrowed 1,000 books from the library this year, according to this

Post Star article by Meg Haggerty

Thank you, Tyler, for being a Reader Hero!

Readers of ILMK are welcome to express their congratulations to Tyler Weaver and to offer support and encouragement by commenting on this post and/or clicking on the poll below:

We hope to send Tyler a Reader Hero t-shirt in recognition, if arrangements can be made. If you can help with that, comments can be made privately to this post, and any personal information will not be shared with readers. Please indicate that the comment is private.

Update: arrangements have been made for the t-shirt! If anyone would like to design it and send me a bitmap, that would be great. Also, for the reader who offered in a private comment to contribute, I do appreciate that, but I’ll take care of it. I initially thought about doing a public gift card, but I think it’s better that this be a case of recognition rather than remuneration.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “ILMK Reader Hero #2: Tyler Weaver”

  1. Bert Smith Says:

    My hat is off to Tyler! It people in this country read only 10% as much as Tyler, we would be a be a better society! Congratulations to Tyler and his outstanding family!

  2. Round up #206: tracking Collections impact for Associates, ILMK Reader Hero 2 in the news again | I Love My Kindle Says:

    […] Weaver was named our ILMK Reader Hero #2 on August […]

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