Paperwhite wi-fi only with Special Offers out of stock…announcement soon?

Paperwhite wi-fi only with Special Offers out of stock…announcement soon?


This morning, the

Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

is out of stock at Amazon.

You can buy it without Special Offers, and then subscribe to them, if you want…but that doesn’t lower your price, I believe. You can pay to have them removed, but not be compensated for having them added.

While this could just be a temporary fluke, I think the most likely thing is that they have been successfully reducing inventory in advance of an announcement of new hardware.

The 3G model is available.

Stay tuned…

Oh, and Kobo is announcing something tomorrow (August 27). They say they are going to go “beyond the book”:

Kobo photo tweet

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

6 Responses to “Paperwhite wi-fi only with Special Offers out of stock…announcement soon?”

  1. Phink Says:

    Oh how I wish Amazon made the KOBO. Some wish for world peace but I just wish KOBO would sync with my Amazon account automatically. But they do not so I doubt I will ever own one. They are the best eReader but Amazon is the best company.

    • D. Knight Says:

      Just curious; why do you say Kobo is the best? I’m very pleased with my PW. Admittedly I’ve never seen a Kobo, but it would have to be truly wonderful to best the PW (imho).

  2. Phink Says:

    Today is a great day Bufo. This is off subject but I had to share it with you. A co-worker of mine just discovered reading at 30 plus years old. She has never read except in school when she was forced to do so. I told her to just try the Hunger Games because she loved the movie. That was a month ago. She got through those 3 quickly and begged for more. I told her to try Divergent. She loved those 3 as well and informed me today she is officially a book lover and figures she always will be. I — little old me — helped someone discover reading. I tell you the truth I feel 10 feet tall. I want to help others discover this wonderful gift now. Because I can’t imagine a life without reading even though, as I told you before, I read my very first book at 27 years old. Amazing how many others never read. But today, there is one less of them in the world.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Phink!

      Congratulations! Learning to enjoy reading as an adult is certainly as important an accomplishment as learning the mechanics as a child. You are also a hero. As a trainer myself, I know the rewarding feeling…when you empower someone, that goes on beyond the time you spend with them.

      You have made the world a better place.

  3. Phink Says:

    D. Knight. Part of it is just me being me. I love stats. I love all kinds of stats and the KOBO has a stat machine built in. Now when I said it was the best I meant for me, not necessarily for anyone else. I should have made that clear. It will keep up with what your average reading session is, how many hours you read a day, average pages per reading session and on and on. Now to tell the truth I have not looked at it in a couple of months and can’t remember the other reasons at the moment but there were more and from that day a couple months ago I wanted one so bad I could taste it. But I could not because Amazon by leaps and bounds is better than KOBO as a company in my opinion.

    • D. Knight Says:


      I just looked the Kobo up and I see what you mean. The Kobo Aura HD is a very attractive eReader with the larger (but not too large) screen and extra clarity. Yes, I would probably get one of those if I could read my Amazon books on it!

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