Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD 4G 32GB from QVC for $249.95

Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD 4G 32GB from QVC for $279.95

Thanks to regular reader and commenter Lady Galaxy for the heads-up on this!

QVC (Quality, Value, Convenience) has last year’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ with 4G and 32GB of memory for $249.95.

I don’t know where QVC gets their retail value listings…this one says $959.99, and I can’t see any configuration that would get you there.

However, this is still a great deal! If it has Special Offers on it, I would expect this model to sell for $399…so this is about $150 off.

This one does not have the latest generation of the operating system, so for one thing, no Mayday button (the free on screen tech help). However, it does have an HDMI out jack, which a lot of people want. With a cable (which you would buy separately), that lets you connect your Fire to your TV (if it has an HDMI in…most modern TVs do).

I had one like this that was stolen in a home break-in. I was using it as my primary tablet for quite a while, and using it to run TV in one room. I do llike my HDX better (it’s lighter, for one thing…it also speech-to-text dictation so you can talk and it types…that’s a great feature on a tablet), but this is a good device and a good price on it.

Thanks again to Lady Galaxy for the heads-up!

Update: bonus deal!


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5 Responses to “Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD 4G 32GB from QVC for $249.95”

  1. Joe Bowers Says:

    Hi, Bufo,
    I happened to land on QVC while channel-surfing, and the reason their price quote is so high, they are including some sort of “lifetime tablet support.” I didn’t stick around long enough to find out what that entails, I don’t believe it is an Amazon service, but they list the price for that as around 450-500 dollars. Not necessary for you to post this to your blog unless you want to, just thought I’d let you know where they seem to get their “price point” info.
    Keep up the great work, and good weekend to you and yours!

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, John!

      Oh, that explains it! I went ahead and posted this, so other people know. That’s an interesting way for them to get high prices for things! Amazon will give you service for free, although it’s quite different after the warranty period, when you aren’t as likely to get a free replacement (which makes sense…you’ve already gotten a lot of value out of it).

      • John Barone Says:

        The support service offered doesn’t help you if the Fire breaks. You would need Amazon warranty or SquareTrade for that. Rather, it is “support” for questions on how to use it, configure it, etc. Way, way overpriced, but like you said the rest of it is indeed a very good deal. Especially the 64gb model ($499 at Amazon), which was going for $279 until it sold out.

        I think Amazon must be clearing out the old model stock in preparation of discontinuing it.

  2. JL Says:

    We bought one from QVC..came it sealed carton but Amazon would NOT register it claiming it had been stolen!! Had to return it to a “HO hum” response from customer service..did not re order. Also these units do not play flash content, and have a limited app selection..but we never found that out becaue the one we got had a stolen serial number

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, JL!

      Wow! I’m shocked that QVC would be selling a Fire that was reported as stolen! I’m glad Amazon did the right thing to reduce theft by refusing to register it: that’s one of the protections we have as Amazon customers. You can deregister a device and ask Amazon to “blacklist” it, which results in what you saw. It’s possible it was an error on Amazon’s part, of course, but it could also be that QVC bought them from a distributor without realizing that they might have been stolen. I’m also sorry for you that QVC’s Customer Service was ho hum. As you probably know, Amazon consistently has one of the highest rated Customer Service departments. That’s one reason I tend to buy directly from them.

      As to Flash, Adobe, the manufacturer of Flash, made the decision back in 2012 not to support Flash on Android 4.1 back in 2012.

      Many of us find that odd. They do still have what you need to install it, they just don’t do it new. Many of us (including me) ) have legally run Flash on the device you had to return. Amazon also now has an “experimental viewer” as part of their own Silk browser (not my browser of choice on my Fire…I use Maxthon. Amazon allows the installation of outside apps, which is nice) that seems to work with Flash.

      As to a limited app selection…well, everybody’s is limited somehow. 😉 If you are comparing it to Google Play, I do believe there are more apps at Play. At the Amazon Appstore, there are currently 109,450 apps available for that device. I don’t see an easy way to tell total apps at Play, and of course, you don’t how many of those would be compatible for the Fire (IOS apps aren’t automatically compatible with Android, and an app that can run on a phone won’t necessarily run on a tablet). Amazon, though, reviews the apps for their Appstore, to make sure they work with and won’t damage your device. Again, they do let you install from outside sources, if you are willing to take that risk. I’ve done it with some major apps (Overdrive, Zinio), and you can often find one you want at 1Mobile.

      My intuition here is that you may not choose to go with a Kindle Fire in the future, which of course, is up to you. I’ve enjoyed mine very much, and yes, I’ve had one like the one you describe stolen (in a house burglary…it wouldn’t be the one at QVC, of course). 🙂

      Hopefully, you’ll find a tablet you like. You’ve reinforced my tendency to tell people to buy directly from Amazon…seems safer all around.

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