The e-books are strong in this one…Star Wars for the Kindle

The e-books are strong in this one…Star Wars for the Kindle

My birthday was a few days ago, and while it was fun to give away close to a 1,000 of my books to my readers (859, to be accurate), that doesn’t mean I didn’t get something cool, too. 😉

My Significant Other got us tickets to

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

We plan to go on Presidents’ Day, and I thought this gave me a good excuse to take a look at what Star Wars titles are available for the Kindle.

I should say first that I saw Episode IV (movie 1) when it was first released, and I have a great Darth Vader audioanimatronic bank (at AmazonSmile). I also have the very first Star Wars novel in paperback (written by George Lucas…not, I think, available for the Kindle: Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker ((at AmazonSmile))). Oh, and I carry a pair of Yoda lightsaber chopsticks (at AmazonSmile) with me…

However, while I am a fan, I wouldn’t say I’m a superfan. 🙂 I have a lot of interests, and Star Wars is just one of them. You can read my advice to J.J. Abrams on making Star Wars (and how it differs fundamentally from Star Trek…which will help explain to regular readers why I would say I’m more philosophically in tune with the latter) here:

The Measured Circle’s Star Wars category

Okay, let’s take a look.

Searching for

Star Wars in the USA Kindle store (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

gets me a staggering 1,559 results. 1,505 of those are listed as e-books.

It is possible that some of those are false positives, but you might be wondering how there could be that many Star Wars books.

Well, many of them actually are novels, and there are a lot of different arcs happening there.

Some of them are also graphic novels.

Then you get into books about the movies.

Of course, there are also videogame guides and such.

It’s a big, big universe!

There are also seventeen

Star Wars tagged blogs in the Kindle store (at AmazonSmile)

although they’ll range beyond Star Wars in their coverage.

When we get to

Star Wars MP3s (at AmazonSmile)

there are 164 albums, and 3,763 tracks listed.

Oh, I should say, I once saw John Williams in concert (in the cheap seats). One of the coolest parts was when the composer/conductor did the Star Wars theme. R2-D2 was actually on stage. This giant orchestral sound is blasting through the hall, and John Williams points to R2 for a very electronic “mee-mee-me-mee”. 🙂

I always loved the story John Williams told when someone asked about writing that theme. It went something like this (as I recall):

“Well, we didn’t have a lot of time, and there wasn’t really a lot of money. I’d already written Born Free, so I just took the sheet music and turned it upside down.”

I certainly can’t swear that’s an accurate memory of mine, but if you think about the music, it really fits.

Moving on to

Star Wars Amazon Instant Video (at AmazonSmile)

there are 373 (!) results.

Finally,searching for

Star Wars in the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fires (at AmazonSmile)

gets 342 results.

While many are unofficial, it’s also nice to see a number of free ones, including:

  • Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Star Wars Tiny Death Star

Be aware that free apps often have ads (that’s how the studio is getting paid, since you aren’t paying), and may require periodic connection to the internet to refresh those ads.

Wow! That’s a lot of Star Wars stuff! Amazon has a lot more things that are less Kindle connected for Star Wars…from t-shirts to collectibles.

I expect we’ll have fun at the exhibit!

May the force be with you…

Nominate a child to be given a free Kindle at Give a Kid a Kindle.

* I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile. When you shop at AmazonSmile, half a percent of your purchase price on eligible items goes to a non-profit you choose. It will feel just like shopping at Amazon: you’ll be using your same account. The one thing for you that is different is that you pick a non-profit the first time you go (which you can change whenever you want)…and the good feeling you’ll get. :) Shop ’til you help! :) By the way, it’s been interesting lately to see Amazon remind me to “start at AmazonSmile” if I check a link on the original Amazon site. I do buy from AmazonSmile, but I have a lot of stored links I use to check for things.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. To support this or other blogs/organizations, buy  Amazon Gift Cards from a link on the site, then use those to buy your items. There will be no cost to you, and a benefit to them.

3 Responses to “The e-books are strong in this one…Star Wars for the Kindle”

  1. Zebras Says:

    How was the show. I clicked on the link, and it looked very interesting.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Zebras!

      This was also our first time to the Tech Museum.

      The show itself…if you didn’t have any existing feelings about Star Wars (you know…if you were born on Hoth or something) 😉 , I don’t think there was really that much to do. There were some fun things: you could make a maglev (magnetic levitation) “train” with Legos and magnets. There were some interactive displays (interestingly, a robot with facial recognition couldn’t find me or my Significant Other).

      If you do have a sense of awe about Star Wars…it was great! We took my picture with the original Wampa (behind sealed, alarmed glass…as was the case with most of the exhibits), the original Boba Fett (well, the gear anyway), and so on.

      They had one of the Millenium Falcon models (a small one that interacted with larger ships models).

      There was also a Millenium Falcon simulator, but we didn’t book that ahead of time (it can only seat four people at a time), and it was sold out. That was okay…we had fun anyway.

      I should mention, I know someone who actually is in Star Wars…and many other movies! That’s Randy Johnson. I’ll try to keep the story pretty short. Randy worked for LucasFilms, and the story goes that they said, “Hey, Johnson…come over here and stick your hand in this stuff.” Well, “that stuff” was the Carbonite for Han Solo. After it solidified, Randy did the hand flex you see in the movie.

      That makes sense…you wouldn’t want Harrison Ford to have to stand there long enough for it to solidify.

      Randy became kind of a good luck charm, and Randy’s hand subsequently appeared in many Lucas movies…so Randy has been Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, and more.

      It was quite funny. TV Guide did a story on a Star Wars special, and showed a picture of what was labeled as Mark Hamill on a speeder bike. Well, it was actually a picture of Randy!

      Randy’s family wrote to TV Guide, and got something back that said something like, “We checked with LucasFilms, and you are right…but it isn’t worth a retraction.” 🙂

      The Tech Museum had some really fun stuff unrelated to Star Wars, and the gift shop was something, too. 🙂

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