Kindle Fire update now available!

Kindle Fire update now available!

It’s he-ere! 😉

You can now do the manual update for the Kindle Fire HDX from ( (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

I’m most interested in it because it is supposed to address wireless connection instability, from what I’ve heard.

Amazon says:

“The software update includes general improvements and the following feature enhancements:

Protect your device with encryption
You can now encrypt your accounts, settings, and downloaded apps and their data, media, and other files on your Kindle Fire. To learn more, go to Protect Your Data with Security Settings.

Test your knowledge with Flashcards for Kindle Print Replica textbooks
Create flashcards to help you learn more about key terms and concepts in a textbook. To learn more, go to Reading Enhancements.”

I’ll get it updated and then update this post with my experience with it, but I figured you’d want to know right away.

There should also be other updates available for other Fire models…you can get to it from the page I linked above.

Update: I was also able to download it the easy way…by doing

Home – Swipe down from the top – Settings – Device

and then having it check for System Updates.

It found it, and then started downloading it.

Before the update, I was at I believe this will be (on my Kindle Fire HDX 7″).

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* I am linking to the same thing at the regular Amazon site, and at AmazonSmile. When you shop at AmazonSmile, half a percent of your purchase price on eligible items goes to a non-profit you choose. It will feel just like shopping at Amazon: you’ll be using your same account. The one thing for you that is different is that you pick a non-profit the first time you go (which you can change whenever you want)…and the good feeling you’ll get. :) Shop ’til you help! :) By the way, it’s been interesting lately to see Amazon remind me to “start at AmazonSmile” if I check a link on the original Amazon site. I do buy from AmazonSmile, but I have a lot of stored links I use to check for things.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. To support this or other blogs/organizations, buy  Amazon Gift Cards from a link on the site, then use those to buy your items. There will be no cost to you, and a benefit to them.

13 Responses to “Kindle Fire update now available!”

  1. K Myers Says:

    My Kindle HDX 7″ is at I did nothing to obtain this version. Upon power up on 2/22, following a shutdown due to exhausted battery, I saw a message that an update was occurring or installing. When my Fire completed booting up, I checked the system software version and saw the above version. Oddly, the recorded installation date was 02/20, not 02/22. So my theory is that my Fire received a software update back on 02/20, but one or more files didn’t install until the boot up on 02/22. I haven’t had wireless connection losses for several weeks, so I cannot speak for the update’s improvement in that regard.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, K!

      Thanks for letting me know!

      Yes, that makes sense. The way it typically works is that Amazon starts pushing out the update to people. I first noticed possible reports of it on February 16th, although it wasn’t clear at that point that it was an update.

      Amazon doesn’t announce anything at that point.

      Then, after a while, Amazon makes the update available for manual download.

      If people do nothing (as in your case), it will eventually push out to them. That can be weeks, though…there are a lot of people, and it appears that Amazon staggers the roll out.

  2. Barbara Berry Says:

    I have a Kindle HD 7″ 2nd Gen. I bought it for Text-to-Speech but still prefer to read on my Paperwhite. I checked for updates on the HD and found it had already updated automatically–and told me so. I didn’t have to check the numbers. A small improvement to the process, but I appreciate small things!

  3. Tom Semple Says:

    My Kindle Fire HD (2013) updated on 2/20/2014 (to A couple of problems seem to be fixed: 1) restoring reading position often lost the styling of chapter headings 2) a few times a week it would fail to wake (I have Origami cover) and I’d have to force restart. Wifi seems a little more robust, but I haven’t tried it anywhere other than home so far.

    A few TTS issues seem to persist, however: 1) with some books, TTS stops (usually at chapter boundaries) and cannot be started until reading position is advanced a couple of pages 2) it does not always respect the default voice setting I’ve selected, e.g. if I have ‘Brian (UK)’ selected it will use ‘Joey (US)’ for some books 3) sometimes the page advances well before it has read out the previous page(s) (eventually reading ‘catches up’).

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom!

      I’m not sure about the wi-fi connection yet…I’ll test it over the next few days. It did seem to connect more quickly to some things, but that might be a fluke.

      I did test the TTS (text-to-speech) issue with images…and it still stopped it. Does the default voice change in the same book? I found that when I tried a non-English voice, it didn’t respect the default if the book wasn’t coded in some way for that voice. It would be odd if books were coded as UK or US, but I suppose that’s possible.

      • Tom Semple Says:

        I have investigated the default voice issue a little. As I suspected, the language code may have a ‘region’ subcode. Most of the time, the language code is set to ‘en (9)’ (no region specified) Fire will use the default voice. But if a region code is specified, Fire will try to use the corresponding regional voice, if available.

        For example, I checked the language code for ‘The Shining’, as it ignored the default voice I had set for English. It had a language code of ‘1033’ which is ‘en-us’ (U.S. English). It would not use my voice default, ‘Brian (UK)’. Using a tool called ‘MobiMetaEditor’, I changed the language code to 3081 (en-au), Australian English. Because I have downloaded Nicole (Australia) voice, it used that rather than Brian, the default.

        I think Fire should treat all ‘en-*’ codes as ‘English’ so that the default voice gets used 100% of the time (assuming the publisher has bothered to set a language code).

        Yes, images seem to trip up TTS occasionally, but not with all images in all books.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Tom!

        Interesting! Thanks!

        The programming in Ivona to override the default voice when a specific voice is indicated makes sense to me. That way you could, hypothetically, have an Australian voice kick in if the publisher coded a particular character as Australian, which could be useful. That might be particularly useful in a book with multiple languages being spoken. After all, default basically means “…unless otherwise specified”.

        My guess is that Amazon isn’t programming it at all…that it is dependent on the Ivona software, but I could be wrong on that.

        I’m reading one book where there is an image at the start of each chapter, and that consistently stops it…it didn’t used to stop it, I believe.

        Thanks for the information!

      • Barbara Berry Says:

        My Kindle Fire TTS stopped at an ellipsis (three periods in a row). Sounds like a glitch. I also find that the odd foreign word confuses TTS, also time of day in numbers. Also, I’m hearing about male vs. female voices. What determines the voice? Do I have any control?

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Barbara!

        I haven’t noticed a problem with ellipses, and I’m sure I’ve done a bunch of books with them with my Fires. There might have been something weird with the formatting of that one spot in that one page.

        Similarly, I think it depends on how the time of day is formatted. I think it would read 2:45 PM okay, but might not read 245, 245p, or 1445 very well. 🙂

        Which Kindle Fire model do you have? The HDX gives us lots of choices:

        Home – Swipe down from the top – Settings – Language & Keyboard – Text-to-Speech

  4. jane itten Says:

    Problem with my updated today can’t get in to anything since .

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jane!

      Sorry to hear that!

      Which model of device is it?

      I manually updated one of our Paperwhites, and it’s unusable right now. I’m going to do (when I get a chance) what I’m going to recommend you do: contact Kindle Support.

      I’m assuming you are in the USA or you bought your Kindle/Fire from a store in the USA.

  5. jane itten Says:

    Can’t update my kindle

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