Give a Kid a Kindle recommendations now open

Give a Kid a Kindle recommendations now open

You can now recommend that kids nominated by my readers get a free Kindle:

For each nominee (we have two so far…nominations will continue to be open through the end of the month), there is a poll. I had wanted to have a one question poll (I don’t want the kids to feel like they are competing with each other) for each nominee, but that wasn’t possible the way I was doing it. In each case you can say that you recommend the child, and/or you can simply congratulate that child for being a reader.

It’s fine with me that you recommend every nominee, if you like. I think more recommendations (and congratulations) are better…it will encourage these kids and others.

After March 31st, I’ll give one of the kids a Kindle (for more details, see the page linked above…this is not a non-profit, and I’m not taking donations: it’s just something I want to do personally). If one kid gets more recommendations, it will be that one. If it’s a tie, I’ll randomize it. I’d love it if every nominated child got a lot of recommendations, and it was  tie! 🙂

If a nominee doesn’t get the Kindle this time, and if I do this again next quarter (which is my expectation), I’ll carry those nominees into April (but reset the recommendation counter for them to zero, to make it fair for other nominees).

Please consider helping the next generation of readers by making recommendations.

Give a Kid a Kindle

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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