16GB KFHD w/Special Offers $119 shipped

16GB KFHD w/Special Offers $119 shipped

Brad’s Deals is a great free e-mail that lets you know about, well, deals. 🙂 They sometimes seem not to last very long, but I have seen some great deals (and I have actually purchased as well).

I just got a heads-up from them on this deal from Staples:

Kindle Fire HD 7″ (16GB) $119 Shipped

I’m going to suggest you go there, in case they get some kind of referral fee (which would only be fair). They give you a code to use at Staples, and that’s what reduces the price.

How low is this?

At Amazon, for the current generation KFHD (which is what this is), with 16GB (that’s not the smallest memory size) and Special Offers, you’d pay $169…so this is $50 lower!

You will likely pay sales tax, but shipping is free.

I’m not linking to it at Amazon, because you won’t get this price there, and I don’t want to confuse people.

Does this again suggest new hardware on the way? Perhaps…this would be a short life cycle for this one, though.

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