Round up #253: Jeff Bezos in class, best reviewed “mother” books

Round up #253: Jeff Bezos in class, best reviewed “mother” books

The ILMK Round ups are short pieces which may or may not be expanded later.

My Flipboard magazines take off!

Thanks to those of you who are reading my new Flipboard magazines:

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I already have over 100 readers, which seems like a lot to me at this stage.

I wrote about this before:

Flip your way into being a magazine editor…I did

but I have to say, it is fun to see these results!

What happens is that I do my normal morning

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This is just my curation: I don’t even get to add comments, which I think is fine.

Oh, and how do I get compensated for this?

Just by knowing people are reading it. 🙂

Unlike the subscribers to this blog (thanks, subscribers!) I don’t get royalties. If you are seeing any ads, they are put there by Flipboard, not me.

I’ve actually flipped more articles into The Measured Circle (174 at time of writing, versus 160 into ILMK), but ILMK is a lot more active (there have been 1,382 page flips there, as opposed to 233 at The Measured Circle).

There are lots of magazines being created by others…have you created one?

If you are reading either of mine, do you have any feedback to share?

Jeff Bezos speaks…to an eighth grade class

I’m always interested in what Jeff Bezos has to say. While I certainly find the company interesting, I’m also interested in Jeff as a human being. Often what the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) communicates is philosophy…and it’s important to keep that first in a business setting.

In this

New York Times article by Nick Wingfield

we get to see a parent’s tweets when Jeff spoke to a class of kids.

This is pretty different from that Princeton commencement speech back in 2010 (which you can watch here), but the ideas are not that different.

One thing which was? Jeff brought a drone!

Bezos is quoted as saying, “Who succeeds at amazon? “Explorers and pioneers”. Who fails? Those who focus on killing our competitors.”

I think that’s key to success…that, and not over-estimating your customers’ loyalty. I’ve said before, I think that’s how market leaders tend to lose that position…

HarperCollins credits e-books when profits jump 83%

Now that they aren’t spending all that money fighting over the Agency Model, publishers can start making money again. 😉

According to this

Publishers Weekly article by Jim Milliot

HarperCollins said, “…sales of more profitable e-books, ongoing operational efficiencies and higher revenue, EBITDA rose 83% at HarperCollins for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 which ended March 31. EBITDA hit $53 million, up from $29 million in last year’s third quarter. Revenue increased 14%, to $354 million. Both sales and profits were driven by the Divergent series which sold more than 8 million units in the quarter. Total e-book revenue increased 46% and accounted for 26% of HC sales, up from 21% a year ago.”

It might surprise you that only 26% of HC sales are e-books…but units for e-books are going to be much higher than that.

They mention the

the Divergent series (at AmazonSmile)

as being a major contributor.

While certainly adults have read those books, it’s nice to me that young people are, in a lot of ways, driving book profits. That bodes well for the future. 🙂

The “mother” of all best reviewed books 😉

Just for fun, here’s a search of the

Best reviewed books with “mother” in the title (at AmazonSmile)

One that stands out to me right away?

Are You My Mother? (at AmazonSmile)

by P.D. Eastman. I remember this one! It’s a great kid’s book…and even though it is illustrated, it is accessible with text-to-speech.

Have a great day on Sunday!


What do you think? I’ve tended to like HarperCollins as a publisher…did it surprise you that the percentage of e-book sales are still that low? Does this result change your feeling about the future of traditional publishers? I mentioned kids’ books driving profits…but 50 Shades of Grey did, too. Neither of those are really the mainstream…what is the future of literary fiction? Do you have a Flipboard magazine? Should Jeff Bezos have brought a book, rather than a drone? Feel free to tell me and my readers what you think by commenting on this post.

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2 Responses to “Round up #253: Jeff Bezos in class, best reviewed “mother” books”

  1. jbgator9 Says:

    Hi Bufo, its been a while and I kind of missed your blog on my Kindle, but I subscribed again and I simply dont have time for these long ones with statistics, very boring to me, and as I am now a longtime Kindle user I have books up the wazoo, lol. I suspect, as I am 72 I will never get to all of them before I die. Especially as I continue to download free ones I might want and buy several in series that I have come to love such as Marie Force’s Maccarthy’s of Gansett Island and Robin Carr. Read all 20 of her Virgin River series and now she has a new series.. Also discovered an awesome Canadian writer who is now winning Prizes all over for her Mysteries set in the town of Three Pines. I believe I have preordered # 10 or 11 which will be out this fall. You might enjoy them as the descriptions are wonderful, The inspector I am in love with, and they are filled with quirky characters who show up again.She is Louise Penny, but the biggest problem is they are now becoming quite expensive even on Kindle as she becomes more well Known. Anyway I have unsubscribed to your blog at amazon again, but i do go to flipboard which I enjoy and have recently set up my own mag, due to your mention of it a long time ago. I also go to Amazon smile due to you. I am still happy with my Kindle keyboard, but am yearning to try the paperwhite, which I gave both my daughters for xmas and they love them. This is starting to look like a blog so I better stop as it was meant to be a comment. LOL . Jean Boggs p.s. as I signed up at word press several years ago specifically to send you comments, I can find your blog here, or on Flipboard. .99 per month is back in my pocket!

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jean!

      I’m glad I’ve helped you find AmazonSmile…and now you are a publisher! 🙂

      I do like the Paperwhite a lot…I think you’ll enjoy it. The one big drawback is no sound (so no text-to-speech).

      I haven’t read Louise Penny yet, although I have written about the author’s books before. I’ll take another look. 🙂

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