The Double Positive Game

The Double Positive Game

Sage: “Do you want to play a game?”

Casey: “Not really.”

Sage: “It’ll be fun!”

Casey: “Okay. I guess so.”

Sage: “It’s called the Double Positive Game. The last person who says something negative wins.”

Casey: “That’s a stupid game.”

Sage: “I win!”

Casey: “That’s not fair! I didn’t know we were playing yet…you cheated!”

Sage: “Ha! I win again!”

Casey: “Wait a minute, let’s start over.”

Sage: “Sure.”

Casey: “Are we playing now?”

Sage: “Yes.”

Casey: “You look good today.”

Sage: “Thanks! So do you!”

Casey: “Oh, I haven’t been able to get to the gym lately…I think I’m starting to look fat.”

Sage: “I win!”

Casey: “Why? I didn’t say anything negative about you!”

Sage: “The game doesn’t say it has to be about the other person…just something negative.”

Casey: “So, if I said it looked like it was going to rain, I’d lose?”

Sage: “That depends…”

Casey: “On what?”

Sage: “On whether or not rain is a good thing. If you were in a drought, that would be a positive.”

Casey: “I think this game is in a drought…a drought of fun.”

Sage: “I win!”

Casey: “Stop that! Hey, you keep calling me a loser…that’s pretty negative!”

Sage: “Actually, I’ve only called myself a winner…I haven’t said anything about you. You could be happy for me that I won, right?”

Casey: “That’s not how winning and losing works! The loser can’t be happy for the winner!”

Sage: “Why not?”

Casey: “Because then why would anybody try to win?!”

Sage: “So that you could both perform better than you have before?”

Casey: “Yeah, that’ll get people motivated…not! You’d make a lousy politician.”

(Sage just smiles)

Casey: “Aren’t you going to yell that ‘you won’ again?”

Sage: “Actually, Casey, I’m going to take that as a compliment…”


The Double Positive Game is something I just invented. The name is a play on “double negatives”, and I’m hoping the post makes you smile…but I also hope you try playing it with people you know, especially on line. Feel free to spread it around. One note: the rule is that it is “the last person who says something negative” who wins. I wanted to phrase it in a positive manner, rather than determining who lost…so I wouldn’t say it as “the first person who says something negative loses”. Here’s hoping you have some very long lasting games! 🙂

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