Their other books

Their other books

Amazon has an interesting

Amazon Author Rank (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

page (it says it is in beta…test mode) where they rank their most popular authors (and update it hourly).

I thought I’d make a game out of this!

I’m going to give you one of the books that the author wrote…but not that author’s most popular book. It will be one of the more popular ones, though (top four)…that’s the easiest way to do this (and it keeps me from going deliberately obscure).

I’m doing these in order: the most popular author wrote the number one book on this list.

Without looking it up, let’s see how many authors you can identify…

  1. Looking for Alaska
  2. Revival
  3. Insurgent
  4. A Feast for Crows
  5. Middle School: Get Me out of Here!
  6. Dark Witch
  7. City of Lost Souls
  8. The Space Between
  9. Slow Burn
  10. The Finisher
  11. The Chase
  12. A Halflings (sic) Rescue
  13. Obsessed
  14. Letters to My Daughter
  15. Quarry
  16. Grave Peril
  17. Never Go Back
  18. Deadline
  19. The Little Friend
  20. The Mark of Athena
  21. Three Wishes
  22. John Grisham’s The Partner
  23. Sharp Objects
  24. 4 fer au feu
  25. The Racketeer
  26. Hold On My Heart
  27. Happy Birthday to You!
  28. Ring in the Dead
  29. When We Met
  30. The Death Cure
  31. The Quiet Game
  32. Where We Belong
  33. The Eye of Heaven
  34. Castle of Sand
  35. The Atlantis Gene
  36. Steelheart
  37. The Elite
  38. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  39. The Way Life Should Be
  40. Catching Fire
  41. A Dark Mind
  42. White Lace and Promises
  43. The Proposition 3
  44. Club Prive Book 4
  45. X-Men: Messiah Complex
  46. Heart Stealers
  47. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  48. The Black Box
  49. Surrender
  50. A Tap on the Window
  51. The Snake Handler
  52. FaceOff
  53. Earth Awakens
  54. This Regret
  55. Shadow Kiss
  56. Clockwork Angel
  57. The Chance
  58. Thankless in Death
  59. Deeply Odd
  60. Wonder
  61. A Kiss of Shadows
  62. Just One Day
  63. Innocent Blood
  64. Beyond Desire
  65. The Last Letter from Your Lover
  66. I Am the Messenger
  67. La ladrona de libros
  68. The Great Divide
  69. The Economies of Rising Inequalities
  70. Magic Tree House Boxed Set #52
  71. Reaper’s Legacy
  72. When the Heart Waits
  73. Autumn in the Vineyard
  74. Gone for Good
  75. Killing Lincoln
  76. Killing Patton
  77. Hidden Order
  78. Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends (only one book listed)
  79. Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends (only one book listed) (co-author)
  80. The Lost Symbol
  81. The Cold Truth
  82. The Longest Ride
  83. Night Shift
  84. King for a Day
  85. When Day Breaks
  86. A Tragic Wreck
  87. Dark Wolf
  88. Good Omens
  89. SuperFreakonomics
  90. SuperFreakonomics (co-author)
  91. Maid of Murder
  92. The Back Road
  93. First Sight
  94. Living History
  95. Cockroaches
  96. Out of Breath
  97. The Great Hunt
  98. David and Goliath
  99. Other People We Married
  100. Doggies

Wow! That was a lot harder than I would have thought! I’m a former brick-and-mortar bookstore manager (although it’s been some time), and I would not have done well in this game. Better than a lot of people, I’m sure, but I don’t think I would have gotten twenty of these.

There are also some weird things in their algorithms: the same author may show up more than once, for example. I guess it’s reasonable that if there are co-authors, they show up separately. One person is listed as an author, but isn’t, exactly…

I’ll be curious to hear how many you got! I’m hoping this also leads you to some discovery of additional books to read.

Update: one of my regular readers and commenters, Lady Galaxy, correctly pointed out that I didn’t say I was going to give you the answers. 🙂 I will…I’ll probably give it a couple of days.

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4 Responses to “Their other books”

  1. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I only found three where I could name the author. There were a few I recognized as being part of a series and I knew other books in the series, but I did not know the author’s name. I spot checked a few after that and discovered a few author’s names I’d heard of but not many I’d actually read. I hope you’re eventually going to let us in on which books go with which authors.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!

      I will! I’ll probably post the answers tomorrow, although my schedule is a bit off right now.

      When I managed the bookstore, people expected us to know every title and author off the top of our heads. 🙂 I suspect now that they don’t mind if you check your phone…or they may certainly do it themselves.

      They sometimes come in with it incorrect, which doesn’t help. I remember one customer insisting that they wanted books by Barbara Wouk. I asked what kind of books they were, and got a kind of eye-rolling response…my impression was that they thought anybody who worked in a bookstore should know who Barbara Wouk was! Fortunately, it clicked when the person said they were history books…I took them to Barbara Tuchman, and that was it. 🙂

  2. Phink Says:

    You know, I read roughly 30-40 books a year. I know that’s nothing for some of you but I needed to disclose that to make a point. Although I read all those books I bet I could not name, off the top of my head, at any given moment, more than a dozen or so authors that are alive today. Bufo could name the last 40 books I’ve read and I would not be surprised if I could only call out the author of 10 or so and they’d all be top names like John Grisham. I have always been horrible with names. Folks, will say X actor has died and he might be a household name but a lot of times I have no idea who he is. I have to be told what he starred in then I sometimes know who he is. I have about 120 co-workers and I know the name of probably a dozen. It’s embarrassing but I try to not let it slip out by purposefully finding sentences and greetings where it’s natural that I would not use a name like “hey guy, what’s up?” I have no idea why this is and I’d love to snap my fingers and change that about me but I have no idea how to go about being different. I wonder, if this is common and what causes it. Bottom line, I would suck at this game LOL.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Phink!

      Oh, it’s pretty common! Here is just one example of a webpage which addresses it:

      I wouldn’t say that the techniques suggested there look very scientific to me, though.

      I have a relative with something a lot rarer: “face blindness”. This relative (yes, we are all weird) can’t recognize faces…period. Even faces of family members. They have learned to cope with it by memorizing other things about the person (gait, for example), but say it is very hard to do with pictures.

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