Update 3.5.1 rolling out for the Fire Phone

Update 3.5.1 rolling out for the Fire Phone


I’m on the road today (well, right now I’m in a hotel), so my time is a tad limited  (having a three and a half hour commute will do that to you). 😉

I did respond to comments, and I was getting ready to write something, when my

Amazon Fire Phone (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

updated (it asked me first) to 3.5.1.

Yes, that’s right…we got new features two weeks after the phone was released.

That has happened with other Amazon devices, too…quick updates.

I  looked online, but there wasn’t information or a manual update yet…so I used the Mayday feature on the phone to talk to a live rep within seconds.

To me, that’s clearly one of the advantages of the Fire Phone over other SmartPhones: Mayday is one the best innovations in Customer Service in the past ten years, I’d say.

The Mayday rep was able to tell me what was in it…and to help me test them.

They may make a manual update available, but the rep told me that nothing was on the website yet because it had just started to roll  out…some of the Mayday reps had it on their own phones, some didn’t. 🙂

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Quick switch: this is nice! You can “double push” the home button, and you get quick access to some apps. The rep was suggesting that this was so you could close open apps, although it appears to me that these are recently used apps
  • App folders: I was told that you could put your apps into folders…not Cloud folders, and not other things than apps. We didn’t test that on the call, and I can’t find a way to do it now. 😦 If I do, I’ll let you know.
  • Delete e-mails from Carousel: while the Carousel may at first look busy, it’s actually quite useful. For example, below the icon for the e-mail app,  I see my recent e-mails…and I can slide them up to see more. Well, the new thing is that I can delete them right from there as well. Swipe a given e-mail to your left, and you’ll see the garbage can icon
  • Lenticular photos: you can now have up to nine of these. This is sort of a weird thing. You tap the settings button in the camera (which you activate with a physical button on the phone, and other ways). You can choose “lenticular” or panorama. Set on lenticular, you take multiple images. When you done, you tap the next arrow. What you’ll have is what vlooks like one image…but as you tilt the phone, you’ll see the other images.
  • Video sharing: the rep said that videos shared with me would look better…I haven’t been able to test it
  • Pin things to the front of the Carousel. If you long press (hold your finger or stylus on it for about a second) an item on the Carousel (the maps, for example…I’ll need that driving back), it will stay in the front, even when you open other apps. That’s a really nice  feature!
  • Photo locket: this one is a good idea, but it’s going to confuse people. On the lock screen, you can swipe to your left, and you’ll get a choice to add a photo. The photos then become available from the lock screen…they don’t become the lock screen, by the way, but they are easily accessible. What’s potentially confusing is that it doesn’t work with pictures that are in the Cloud (through the Amazon photo app). It looks like you can add  them, but they don’t display. When you go to add a photo, I couldn’t tell which were in the Cloud and which were on the device…sort of trial and error

There is a lot more  to come in the future for the Fire Phone!

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4 Responses to “Update 3.5.1 rolling out for the Fire Phone”

  1. Tom Semple Says:

    ‘app folders’ Can you just drag one app on top of another app and have it create a folder? Fire lets you do this on the Home screen. But they are called ‘Collections’ (I don’t think these are shared between Fire devices, and you can only put apps in them). You can also go to the Apps panel and create a collection there by choosing Collections from the menu. Don’t know why they’d have anything different for Fire Phone…

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom! Yes! That did it. Just dragging one app on top of another. I will update the post later on and credit you. 🙂

  2. Michael Bigger (@biggercapital) Says:

    Thank you Bufo for posting. I really like the phone and the upgraded software. The caroutile (carousel/tile) system works great for me. I hope the implement this on the HDX tablets.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Michael!

      As I’ve used the phone more, I’ve liked the interface more. As I think is often the case with Amazon, they haven’t explained the good stuff very well. What you see below the Carousel icons are either suggestions for other things (which some people don’t like) or recent activity (which is very handy). For example, the maps app has my recent searches under it…and until you’ve done some searches, you don’t see that.

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