If reality shows starred authors…

If reality shows starred authors…

The Amazing Write: authors partner with one of their fictional characters and write about going to exotic locations around the world…without ever leaving their homes. Each week the characters face challenge competitions, and the authors write about how their characters beat the challenge…or ignore it…or do something else, because, you know, we can’t really control what those characters want to do anyway.

Big Author: twelve authors spend the summer locked in a home, with no contact with the outside world, and cameras watching their every move. The catch? Each of them are in their own homes…and don’t even realize they are on a TV show, because that’s pretty much what an author’s life is like all the time.

Writing Naked: authors work on their latest creations, while being completely naked. Once again, several of them don’t realize they are on a show, because that’s how they write all the time.

Project Book Tour: traditionally published authors spend all of their time going from small bookstore to literary convention to farmers’ market promoting their books. Midlist authors have to pay for everything themselves, while previous winners are given a million dollars to start with…and pay the show back out of the sales of their books.

Writing with the Stars: D-List celebrities are partnered with successful (but unknown) authors to write a book. Well, actually, the authors write the whole book, but the celebrity’s name goes on it at the end.

The Book: publishers select manuscripts, based on originality and point of view, without seeing the authors or knowing anything about them. Then, when they see them, they make them change their names to something more neutral if who the author actually is will hurt the sales.

So You Think You Can Write: the show just features security camera footage from major public transportation hubs around the country…because just about everybody thinks they can write. 😉

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