All I Want for Christmas Is an Echo

All I Want for Christmas Is an Echo

All I want for Christmas is an Echo
That, for me, would be the perfect gift
Don’t wanna get an iPad or a gecko
and if I did, you know that I’d be miffed

I can’t wait to ask it my query
Even though it probably doesn’t know
I realize I could just ask SIRI
But now that seems a retro way to go

All I want for Christmas is an Echo
That, for me, would be the perfect gift
Don’t wanna get a painting by El Greco
and if I did, you know that I’d be miffed

[tempo change]
I don’t really care about the treetops glistening
All I really want is a monolith listening
To everything I say whether I know it or not
Because that’s one thing I haven’t got!

[old sprightly temp]
I’m gonna have it play me all my music
Though I never listen to it now
Telling me the weather is a new trick
I’d look outside, but I just don’t know how

All I want for Christmas is an Echo
That, for me, would be the perfect gift
Don’t wanna get a lamp that’s art deco
and if I did, you know that I’d be miffed

Hey, Alexa, please tell me a joke
Make sure that it is one with lots of corn
Good looking with a great sense of humor!
I think that a new romance has been born

[All together!]
All I want for Christmas is an Echo
That, for me, would be the perfect gift
Don’t wanna get an iPad or a gecko
and if I did, you know that I’d be miffed

[repeat with the sound quieter and quieter with each iteration like a…like a…hey, Alexa: what do you call that sound you hear after you make a loud noise in a cave?] 😉

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18 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas Is an Echo”

  1. Aaron Says:

    eheheh funny! I am also interested in Amazon Echo! I asked for an invitation and I look forward to receiving it.

  2. Becky from Iowa Says:

    Got my purchase invitation in my email just now! I have nine days (normally seven; holiday weekend allowance) to complete the purchase. Going under my Christmas tree. 🙂

  3. Lady Galaxy Says:

    We know that Santa’s on his way,
    He’s loaded lots of diapers and windshield wipers on his sleigh,
    And every Echo is going to spy
    To see what Amazon customers really want to buy.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!


      Interesting how nicely “1-Click” and “Saint Nick” would go together in a song…

  4. Zebras Says:

    Santamazon hasn’t put my Echo in his sleigh yet! I think this is the perfect sentiment for all of us good little girls and boys who want there own Echo!

  5. Karen Salmons Says:

    Happy Echo owner! If you did nothing more than have it play your music, including Tunein and iHeart radio it would be worth it, but it does so much more. I love having Alexa adding to my to do list and shopping list. Once you download the app on your tablet and/or phone you have only to tell it to add things to your lists. When you go to the app you just check whichever list you want and it’s there. An awesome example: Yesterday I was stretched out in the recliner and the church called to see if I would be a greeter at a special event Saturday from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. I said sure, hung up and told Alexa to add Greeter at church Saturday at 2:45. No need to even get out of the chair. Is that cool or what? Okay, so it isn’t a need…but 🙂

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Karen!

      What a great example!

      There are a lot of things which technically aren’t needs, but this is going to influence how people feel…and that may be a need.

  6. Tania Marshall Says:

    My Echo arrived yesterday! It does more than I though it would. Merry Christmas to me. Now to begin buying stuff for everyone else.

  7. Tania Marshall Says:

    The “Tell me the news” feature with prerecorded programs from CNN and NPR. These recordings change every few hours. Also a text to speech laundry list of current stories you can edit preferences for.

    Once paired with a blue tooth device, it acts like a speaker with all the audio on that device sent to the Echo. I played Spotify and spent some time listening to my current book from Audible. I have a 16 GB card in my phone storing music I do not have in my Amazon cloud, so I can play those without using up the free 5 GB of storage. The quality of the Echo’s speaker is outstanding.

    Earlier today, I was alone in the house so I was pumping the music loudly. I took the remote with me upstairs. Pressing the microphone button allows you to speak into the remote. I skipped a song and lowered the volume using my regular voice.

    If you ask an information type question while listening to music, it will interrupt the song to answer the question, then resume the music from where you left off.

    I’ve been randomly telling Alexa to play musical artists. If not in my cloud of personal music or part of the Amazon Prime library, it will search iHeart Radio or TuneIn for that artist or something similar.

    Not only can I play my local radio stations via TuneIn, but I can get stations from other cities. We frequently go to Las Vegas, so it’s nice to listen to that one because it will talk about local happenings.

    The app is quite comprehensive. Got it on my desktop, phone, HDX and 8.9 HD. I did have to contact customer service because the app would not load on to the HD device, but that’s been resolved.

    I’m still playing and learning. I know I could do a lot of these things directly from my computer, tablet or phone, but I love having it all centrally accessible. As an avid knitter, my hands are usually occupied, so voice activated access is wonderful.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tania!

      Great information, thanks!

      Have you tried asking it for your “flash briefing”? That sounds like an interesting feature…

      Listen to Your Flash Briefing (at AmazonSmile*)

      • Tania Marshall Says:

        You don’t have to say all of that. Just say “Alexa, news.” and you get the Flash briefing.

      • Bufo Calvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Tania!

        That includes the weather from Accuweather? Great!

        It’s clear they are rapidly making changes to it before (and it will continue after) the general release. They may have already updated that capability, since they published that Help page.

  8. Randy Reeve Says:

    This year 6 echo’s for Christmas, and one Kendel fire best gift in many years.

  9. Randy Reeve Says:

    Thanks to all that made this echo happen

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Randy!

      There are a lot of people involved in the ongoing development of the Echo, and it’s nice of you to say that for them. If you already have an Echo, you can do

      Home – Menu – General Feedback

      and let them know. 🙂

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