Answers to Being Mary Watson’s Spouse

Answers to Being Mary Watson’s Spouse

Recently, I posted

Being Mary Watson’s spouse: it’s who you know

in which I talked about how we almost always refer to some characters by their relationships to (typically) better known characters.

I wanted to turn the tables a bit, and give you some descriptions from the point of view of someone who isn’t the protagonist, so you could try to identify them.

After doing it, I thought it would be fairly easy…and it seems to have been.

Here are the characters and the answers…if you want to guess, go to the link above first.

Mary Watson’s spouse

That’s Dr. John Watson…who you are likely to see referred to by a relationship to Sherlock Holmes. That’s another good example…have you ever seen a picture of Holmes alone, captioned, “Dr. Watson’s friend?

One of my readers who guessed, Peter Willard, thought this might be Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man.

The character in question there is Mary Jane Watson, so I have to give credit…and yes, they were married at one point in the comics. It’s funny, because I would never think of this character as “Mary Watson”. Geeks (like me) commonly refer to MJ (or M.J.), or “Mary Jane”, but I don’t think you’ll often find “Mary Watson”. I have to consider it a legitimate answer, though, even if it wasn’t the one I intended.

Kala’s human child

Okay, yes, Tarzan is often a good answer when I do these games. 😉

Kala raises Tarzan…while the common reference is to “Tarzan of the Apes”, it appears much more likely to me that Kala and the rest of the Mangani are some sort of surviving non-Homo sapien human species.

Kala is definitely a hero for the actions taken protecting Tarzan, especially from Kala’s own Significant Other, Tublat, and from Kerchak, leader of the group.

Toronado’s Rider

Toronado is also known as Tornado, which might have helped some people. This is Zorro’s horse…very fast, but perhaps more importantly, very intelligent.

Mrs. Hudson’s best known tenants

I thought having two from the same universe might be tricky for you. 😉 Mrs. Hudson has Holmes and Watson as tenants at 221B Baker Street. Never described physically in the original series or given a first name (to my knowledge…I know there is some speculation that a character called, “Martha,” might be Mrs. Hudson), Mrs. Hudson is somewhat of a foil for Holmes.

Scout’s father

I thought this one might be easier than I think it turned out to be. The answer is Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*). I thought it would spring to mind due to it being an unusual name…and honestly, I think of Scout when I think of TKaM as much as I think of Atticus Finch.

Becky Thatcher’s love interest

Tom Sawyer…and even though they are kids, I’d say this clearly a legitimate description. Becky “has a crush” on Tom.

Wendy Darling’s pretend spouse

Peter Pan…again, it’s clear that Wendy has a romantic interest in Peter, and gets the Neverlander to take on the role of father to The Lost Boys, while Wendy plays mother. It doesn’t appear that Peter understands Wendy’s deeper interpretation of the game…and I have to say, in the recent live version, it even seemed like Wendy was sort of…predatory.

There you go! Did you know them all? Did you recognize more ot eh answer characters than the ones in the question (like knowing Zorro, but not knowing Toronado? Feel free to let me and my readers know by commenting on this post.

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