Update on my free Flipboard magazines: 1000s of ILMK readers!

Update on my free Flipboard magazines: 1000s of ILMK readers!

It’s rare that I think of something as really a new type of content.

Twitter was that, certainly. Those 140 (or fewer) character tweets created a different medium, and that shapes what’s in it.

I also feel like Flipboard magazines are a new way to express yourself…and I’m surprised at the success mine are having!

The main idea is that you can use the

Flipboard (at AmazonSmile: benefit a non-profit of your choice by shopping*)

app, which I read every morning anyway on my

Kindle Fire HDX (at AmazonSmile*)

to “flip” articles into a magazine of yours, which you make available to other people for free.

You can also get an extension for Chrome which allows you to do it with websites (most of my flips come from things I read in the Flipboard app…except in the case of one my magazines, which I’ll explain below).

It’s really about your curation…your taste and editing skills.

You put in what you think is interesting, or what you think other people will think is interesting.

You generally don’t write anything additional about it, unless you are using the browser extension. In that case, you can add a short caption about it (which you can not edit later, by the way).

I thought I’d give you a rundown on my magazines and how they are doing (at time of writing…it changes rapidly).

I’m going to do this in order from the biggest number of readers to the smallest number.

The Measured Circle

“A geeky mix of pop culture, tech, and the weird world”

The Measured Circle magazine at Flipboard

  • 2,606 readers (which they now call “viewers”…that actually makes more sense, since you can put links to videos in these)
  • 9,512 page flips
  • 18,863 articles
  • 33 followers (since this is a new measurement, I looked up what it meant at Flipboard: they explain the new stats here. I had misunderstood page flips before…I thought it was when people flipped an article I picked into their own magazine, but it turns out it is “the number of items viewed in the magazine. Readers visit the mag: page flips are the number of items viewed…I think that means they click on it in the magazine to go to the original article). The number of articles are the ones I put into it…hm…that seems to suggest that they click on somewhat more than half of the ones I put in…that’s fine, since some can be pretty well understood by what you can see without clicking on them for more info), and followers are the actual subscribers)
  • Engagement (flips/articles): 50.4% (I’ve added that this time)

This one is inspired by my blog, The Measured Circle. The blog has never been very popular, and unlike this one, I don’t write in it (on average) every day (I sometimes go a week).

It is eclectic, but you’ll see a lot of things on geek topics, tech, and “weird world” (“Bufo’s Weird World” was my first e-zine, back before we called them blogs).

I’d say its primary purpose is…fun!

To give you a sense of it, here are ten recent articles and their sources. Earlier, I did the most recent ten in order, but that’s not really representative, since I may read a number from the same source at the same time

  1. Catcalling Men Caught Harassing Their Own Moms in Disguise (Video) (People)
  2. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon reportedly set for new ‘Ghostbusters’ (tablet.washingtonpost.com)
  3. The Cowboy Bebop Theme Played On Floppy Drives Proves Robots May Let Jazz Musicians Live (The Mary Sue)
  4. Analyzing 87 years of Oscar, by the numbers (popwatch.ew.com)
  5. Space Trivia (Playbuzz)
  6. Doctor Who Merchandise – Technically K9 Print (hello I’m Nik)
  7. 10 Baffling World War I Mysteries We May Never Solve (Listverse)
  8. Get your first look at ‘Superman: Earth One’ Volume 3 — exclusive (Shelf-Life.ew.com)
  9. Friday Harbor man reports UFO sighting (San Juan Journal via The Anomalist)
  10. Wild dolphins exchange names when they meet at sea (Discover)

ILMK (I Love My Kindle)

“The long-running blog about the world of e-books and publishing, which is one of the most popular blogs of any kind in the Kindle store, brings you related news stories”

ILMK magazine at Flipboard

  • 2,059 readers (for the first time, I can say “thousands”) 😉
  • 73,248 page flips
  • 8,553  articles (I’d have so say my curation is better here, or at least, more focused)
  • Engagement: 846%

This one is based on my blog, ILMK (I Love My Kindle). They aren’t the same, though. I write original material in the blog itself. I told myself that I’d average 1,000 words a day, and I do. I write a lot of different things, often providing analysis and opinion.

For the Flipboard magazine, none of that happens…you just get articles from other people (unless I flip one of my own in there).

It does allow me to do some different things.

For example, I can more easily flip ten different articles on a new piece of Amazon hardware into the magazine than I can link to them in the blog. Linking in the blog takes some work: it’s simple to flip (just a couple of clicks or taps).

There are also times when something is too short to warrant a full post in the blog. Those types of things go into my Round-ups, but I don’t do those every day.

Another thing? I do a lot more images in the magazine: it’s just more compatible with it. My blog is read on non-Fire Kindles, and images are tougher there.

  1. IMLS 2012 Public Libraries Survey Report Issued (IMLS.gov)
  2. 5 Mystery Books about Book about Books (and that’s not a typo) (The Lineup)
  3. How I Landed My First Book Deal (Entrepeneur)
  4. Author Spotlight: Sean T. Smith (Steven Konkoly)
  5. The Book Hunter (Book Geek Heaven)
  6. A Quick Guide to Beta Reader Etiquette (Helping Writers Become Authors)
  7. Is Being a Writer a Job or a Calling? (New York Times)
  8. Discover Your Destiny (Open Road Media)
  9. Chasing Rainbows (Amazon)
  10. Free Book: The Man in the High Castle (Book on the Knob)

The Weird Old Days

“Has the world always been weird? These news stories from the 19th and early 20th centuries bring you tales of lake monsters, the Hollow Earth, ghosts, and more! Edited by Bufo Calvin, of The Measured Circle blog. Note: these articles reflect the culture of their times. As such, they may use terms and concepts which some modern readers will find offensive”


  • 165 viewers
  • 679 page flips
  • 292 articles
  • Engagement: 232%

My original idea on this was that I was writing a book made up in large part of public domain newspaper articles. I was writing pieces to provide context, both because I wanted to do that, and because it would enable me to sell it in the Kindle store (they require original material…nothing purely public domain…that was a policy which evolved over time).

It’s a labor of love, for sure!

I find it fascinating. I’m very interested in how people think about things, and how that has changed over time.

At this point, I’ve been using the Library of Congress’ fabulous “Chronicling America” resource. The negative to that one is that the pages don’t display very well on smaller screens. However, you can click to display the page as a PDF, and that can work quite well.

You also do have to read through the newspaper page to find the article…I also think that’s fun. 😉

I do feel like I’ve made some real discoveries: I posted one that is about an apparently hoaxed photograph of a UFO (airship)…in 1897!

  1. “Nikola Tesla Promises Communication with Mars” (Richmond Virginia Times, January 13, 1901)
  2. “Tesla Wireless Plan Would Race Machines Even Without Pilots” (New York Evening World, May 13, 1922)
  3. “Scientist invents ‘Television’ which sends photo by wire” (Spokane Press, January 16, 1910)
  5. “Assorted Spirits (Dry) on Tap Here” (The Evening Missourian, March 30, 1920: spiritualism…it’s a joke headline)
  6. “Ouija Now Bosses Motion Picture Studios” (Great Falls Montana Daily Tribune, May 30, 1920)
  7. “Ouija Border Gives a Demonstration” (The New York Sun, November 23, 1912: I was trying to do some Ouija stories because of the recent movie)
  9. “Psychic Stuff” (Washington D.C. Evening Star, November 5, 1922)
  10. “Bibles Disappear in Michigan University as Fair Co-Eds Answer Lure of Ouija Board”  (The Washington Times, January 19, 1920)

Again, this one can go in “flaps” of one topic, because my search sometimes leads me to related articles. I think this gives you some idea, though.

Doc Savage Fanflip

“Doc Savage, the forerunner of Superman and Batman, has been one of my fictional heroes for a very long time. Thanks in part to Doc, I try to better myself to help others, and to do so with “…no regard for anything but justice.” A “fanflip” is my new term for a Flipboard magazine by a fan, dedicated to one topic. I will bring you not only Doc Savage news, but Doc stories and resources from around the web. Think of it as a scrapbook with news.”


  • 193 viewers
  • 1,124 page flips
  • 94 articles
  • Engagement: 1194%

I look for interesting things on the web about Doc. If Shane Black ever gets out the Doc Savage movie, this may get more popular, but I’m happy to ferret out the oddball bits and pieces. This is the hardest one to which to add things…content just doesn’t change as often on the web.

  1. Dynamite Takes Red Sonja, Vampirella, The Shadow And Doc Savage To Altered States (Bleeding Cool)
  2. From ‘Doc Savage’ to Mack Bolan, Hollywood seems poised for pulp to replace superheroes (Hitfix)
  3. What Doc Savage can teach us about World War I (Spectator)
  4. Doc Savage (Wikia)
  5. I Fell in Love with Pat Savage When I was About 10 Yes Old” – David Walker Talks Doc (Bleeding Cool) (Pat is yet another element where Superman followed Doc Savage…a blond female cousin)
  6. Why You Should Care: Doc Savage Edition (Crave Online)
  7. Doc Savage Casting Call (IGN)
  8. Doc Savage’s oft-misunderstood ‘Crime College’ (Julian Perez Conquers the Universe)
  9. Arizona Doc Con (Facebook)
  10. Michael Uslan Talks The Avenger, The Shadow And Doc Savage – Justice, Inc. (Bleeding Cool)

I’m also working on another Flipboard magazine, but I’m not ready to release it yet…it needs more content first.

These are not hard to do, and they aren’t taking significant time or creative energy away from my other creative work. I don’t get any money directly from them, although they might lead to more discovery of other things where I do.

I do want to say that ILMK has made a big move in catching up to The Measured Circle in readers. I’m still impressed with just how quickly these are growing.


Do you have a Flipboard magazine about which you want to tell me and my readers? Feel free to comment on this post.

Join thousands of readers and try the free ILMK magazine at Flipboard!

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3 Responses to “Update on my free Flipboard magazines: 1000s of ILMK readers!”

  1. Edward Boyhan Says:

    Well, I have had Flipboard in most of my device environments, but I’ve not really used it. Your occasional mentions of your Flipboard magazines has caused me to put a Flipboard investigation on my to do list.

    Tonight, because of this post, I went so far to get the ILMK magazine placed onto my W8.1 Start Screen. I also investigated what the Chrome extensions were all about.

    Based on a couple of minutes browsing the ILMK magazine, I think I prefer the ILMK blog.

    Maybe someday I’ll get motivated to create my own mag. This post has at least got me far enough along to put a fence around the field.

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Edward!

      Let me clear…I prefer the blog, too. 😉 I see them as complementary. The blog is my writing and research…the Flipboard magazine is more like a news service. Ideally, someone would read both…I can’t write about every interesting news story in the blog…

      Check back in with me later on what you’ve decided about Flipboard!

      Your “fence” statement reminded me of this logic problem.

      A rancher has nine pigs. Your challenge is to put the nine pigs into four pens, with an odd number of pigs in each pen. This can be done with real world skills…nothing too tricky. The pigs are all alive at the end, and can move around within the pen (it’s not necessary to use partial pigs to solve this problem).

      I’ll post the answer later, if somebody else doesn’t reply with it first…as always, no looking it up! 🙂

  2. Round up #286: new Dr. Seuss, kindlereunion | I Love My Kindle Says:

    […] Update on my free Flipboard magazines: 1000s of ILMK readers! […]

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